20 free things to do in Toledo

20 free things to do in Toledo

Free in Toledo? It seems like a utopia, if we think of our city as one of the most touristic in the world, which receives millions of visitors all year round. Is there anything free to see or do in Toledo? The answer is yes, although adding that it depends on the time of year and the luck you have in your trip. Below we offer you twenty experiences, places and “free” tracks to do in Toledo in one visit.

It is very likely that these 20 recommendations cannot be made in a single trip. We insist, as always: in Toledo you have to “sleep”. You have to spend the night and stay in a hotel, hostel, tourist apartment or caravan. If you don’t sleep in Toledo, you miss the best: its night. And of course, you won’t be able to take advantage of the twenty things we offer you here:

1. Watch sunset from the Valley

20 free things to do in Toledo Panoramic view from El Valle de Toledo

One of the best experiences in the city, one of the most photographed, is climbing up to the Valley (you can walk, but it will take more than half an hour to get out over one of the bridges). There we can wait for the sunset and get some of the photos that have made Toledo more famous. There are several points from which to enjoy this experience: from the viewpoint, from the Peña del Rey Moro or from the Parador Nacional. In any case, it is free and the most recommended experience for couples. Unforgettable.

2. The aerial panoramic from the Alcázar Library

20 free things to do in Toledo The cathedral of Toledo, from the Library of Castilla-La Mancha

In the lists of this type you will always find this curious way to access the Alcázar de Toledo: entering through the Biblioteca de Castilla-La Mancha, at the end of the Carlos V slope and going up in the elevators. The view is worth it. The building and the library, too. Don’t go without having a coffee in one of its towers, in the small and curious bar you will find yourself there. And maybe you’ll come across a presentation by a well known (or not so well known) writer. Check their schedule here.

3. Read the legends of Toledo where they have happened.

20 free things to do in Toledo The 10 most famous legends of Toledo

You can experience the history of Spain in the streets of Toledo. The urban layout is medieval, has undergone few changes over time. Furthermore, as we well know on this page, its streets and monuments house hundreds of legends. Someone said that almost “every stone” has a legend. It is an exaggeration, but in “Toledospain.click Guides” we count many in our night guided tours. You can also make your own cicerone and read some of the legends that we offer on this page to your partner, or your companions. There are many to choose from, and here is a list of some of Toledo’s most famous legends.

4. A “Free Tour” with Toledo Routes.

20 free things to do in Toledo Tour guide starting a Free Tour in the Plaza de Zocodover with Toledospain.click Guides

Discover Toledo on an essential tour, in this new guided walking tour, in which you will discover (externally) some of the main monuments and most beautiful corners in a fun and innovative way. During the guided tour you will learn about history, culture, anecdotes and curiosities, in an overview of what you can see and do in your stay in Toledo.

Your budget in this case is not a problem, because in the FREE TOUR TOLEDO you choose the price you put on this unforgettable experience in Toledo! Click here to access and book.

5. Take advantage of “free” days to visit monuments.

20 free things to do in Toledo Monumental Toledo

A few months ago we updated one of the most visited articles on this website: monuments to visit for free in Toledo and when. We recommend that you also take a few minutes to read this article carefully.

6. Visit the Roman Circus.

20 free things to do in Toledo

The Roman circus of Toledo was built during the first century, being one of the largest in the entire peninsula. Much of its structure remains hidden although what can be visited is freely accessible in a pleasant park. Its dimensions were 422 meters long by 112 wide. The access is in the Avenida de Carlos III, outside the historic center of the city (close the park at night)

7. Ecological trail

20 free things to do in Toledo

Practically surrounding Toledo you can walk along the river Tagus, in a wide stretch in which to discover the flora and fauna characteristic of the city. The easiest way to get there is from one of the two bridges: San Martín or Alcántara, and walk from one to the other along the river, for travellers with a lot of time!

8. Make a visit to the “unknown heritage” of the Consortium

20 free things to do in Toledo Thermae, sculpture found in the Roman baths of Toledo in 2017

The City of Toledo Consortium dedicates its efforts to discovering and enhancing buildings, monuments, archaeological sites, etc. Among the many initiatives they carry out is the recovery, conservation and dissemination of underground and monumental spaces recovered in Toledo. Thus, in recent years they have recovered curious spaces such as the Caves of Hercules, various church towers, the Roman baths of Amador de los Ríos, Arab baths, underground spaces in the Jewish quarter… Reaching agreements with the owners, they occasionally make guided visits to these curious and usually closed spaces, which can be booked on their website (click here for more information) These are the “unknown heritage” routes, which are usually free.

9. Night walk in the Jewish quarter

20 free things to do in Toledo LED lighting marking the boundaries of Toledo Jewish Quarter

Spending at least two nights in Toledo is compulsory. And one of these nights is dedicated to a few hours’ walk in the Jewish quarter. She will be lonely. And you will discover beautiful and very old corners that will take you back to the time when Sepharad was a reality, before the expulsion of the Jews. Look for the small tiles that adorn the floors of the Jewish quarter of Toledo. Spend a few minutes watching the sunset from Paseo de San Cristóbal. Discover the majesty of San Juan de los Reyes… There are many possibilities.

10. Getting lost looking for sheds