Solidarity route "You're not from Toledo if...", 31 July

Solidarity route “You’re not from Toledo if…”, 31 July

Solidarity route "You're not from Toledo if...", 31 July

The company “Toledo Spain” next to the Facebook group ” You’re not from Toledo if…” and its administrator Ángel Díaz organize the first solidarity route “You’re not from Toledo if you don’t come from a solidarity route” on Thursday 31 July 2014, at 8 pm.

For the first time in Toledo a group of people united through Facebook, give shape to a real event with a solidary objective: to obtain food for the most needy families.

The route, “Legends and Myths of Toledo”, of about 90 minutes duration will be FREE for all who wish to attend (limited places), with the following conditions:

Be part of the group “You are not from Toledo if…” on Facebook and be a “fan” of the page “Toledo Spain on Facebook””

2. To contribute NO perishable food that we will destine to some charitable institution of Toledo. Each person must bring their own food that will be deposited in the office of “Toledo Spain” (Calle Sixto Ramón Parro, 9, behind the Cathedral) prior to the start of the route.


To participate in the route, you must be over 16 years old and is essential to formalize a reservation in the following link:


ATTENTION: COMPLETE A FORM PER PERSON WHO WILL ATTEND THE ROUTE. Reservations are NOT for couples or groups of people, they are INDIVIDUAL

Please read carefully the instructions specified in that link. Reservations via telephone will not be accepted.

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Data about the solidarity route through Toledo:

Route “Legends and myths of Toledo” offered by the company “Toledo Spain”

Thursday 31 July at 20.

Starting point: Toledo Spain office. Pre-registration and maximum punctuality are required.

Price: free of charge under the conditions set out above.

  • Access to the group “You’re not from Toledo if…”
  • Facebook fan page of “Toledo Spain”