What to do in Toledo during Easter? Tourism in Toledo and other activities (Updated)

What to do in Toledo during Easter? Tourism in Toledo and other activities (Updated)

If you visit us during the Easter holidays, Toledo is the ideal city to spend some magical days, especially at night. To the silence of the processions and their sobriety you can add the knowledge provided in the many guided tours and night routes that are offered on those days and other events and activities that we highlight below.

Toledo is a very special destination during Easter. Remember to stay at least two or three nights to get to know this city, it is not as small as is usually believed and has hundreds of monuments and charms to discover. The night in Toledo is very different from the day… And book with time, Toledo fills up these days.

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If you visit the city for its Holy Week, processions, and religious activities, here’s a good summary of the essentials (updated 2023). Holy Week in our city is different, unique and very special.

Various activities are also organised, which you can consult in the cultural calendar offered by the Town Hall at this link.

Many churches, the Cathedral, convents, open their doors at certain times to perform the cults of the dates, so it may be a good time to visit spaces that are usually closed to the public and, if you are a believer, participate in the program that takes place on the occasion of Easter. It is also a great moment to see through the streets authentic works of art that are preserved in the churches of Toledo, parading, as the carving of the legendary Cristo de la Vega.

How to get to Toledo from Madrid: By AVE or by bus.

And if you’re looking for something very different and special. Look:

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Thematic routes by day, afternoon and night

“”Toledo Spain” has prepared an intense programme of routes for the whole of Holy Week, for all audiences, ages and a wide range of themes, from “Templars and Mystery Legends” to “Magic Toledo” (one of the city’s most famous routes), the fantastic “Toledo Siniestro: houses and enchanted places” or a children’s route for the youngest, at different times: “The Mystery of the Witches of Toledo”.

Here you will be able to see all its programming in thematic routes for those days (link)


From 15 to 21 April: guided tours that can be booked in Toledo:

  • Free Tour Toledo, morning or afternoon (reservations already available).
  • Toledo Subterranean. Visiting 7 subways under Toledo..
  • Toledo Siniestro: houses and enchanted places, at night, dramatized..
  • Legends of Toledo. Theatrical, in the afternoons. For all audiences.

Information and reservations in “Toledo Spain

They also offer various packages of routes (See the routes Rompebotas) or a discount for attending the Free Tour and then make another guided tour.

What are the most famous Holy Week processions in Toledo?

You can consult this article to know the most popular processional tours in the city during Easter 2023.

What to do in Toledo during Easter? Tourism in Toledo and other activities (Updated)