Free Tour Toledo

Free or cheap tourist routes in Toledo

There are special occasions in which the City Council programs in Toledo guided tours or free routes through the city, on the occasion of festivities, Culturel programs…

Also the Consortium of Toledo programs guided tours to the “unknown heritage” at no cost. In this article we tell you more about free and cheap guided tours in the city of Toledo.

Free Tours in Toledo:

In recent years a new way of doing tourism has imposed in many cities around the world: guided tours made by tour guides (sometimes students or experts in history and tourism) who offer in exchange for tips tell the basics of a city to the tourist: are the “Free Tours” or “Guided tours free.

In Toledo, it is also possible to do this type of tourist routes. And we tell you how clicking here:Free Tour in Toledo, where and how to do a free tour?

Free or cheap tourist routes in Toledo

Free “official” routes in Toledo

It is difficult to know well in advance when the City Council programs free guided tours, as they are very occasional. For example, during the Corpus festivity, visits are programmed to know the patios of Toledo or sometimes certain groups are opened to carry out night routes during the celebration of the “Noche toledana” (during the month of June).

Our recommendation is to visit the official website of Tourism to know the schedule of free routes in Toledo, and if it coincides with your visit to the city (link)

On the other hand, the City of Toledo Consortium has been programming its “Unknown Heritage” Routes since June 2004. These routes include free and guided visits to various monuments, archaeological sites and other places of singular interest, which have been recovered and placed in value by the Consortium of the City of Toledo and which had not been able to be visited for years, in some cases centuries.

If you want to follow a monumental route, with access to several monuments and at an economic price, there are tourist services companies in Toledo that carry out these routes, with official and duly authorised guides.

Tired of the usual historical explanations? Do you want to know the other Toledo? Read the following:

Alternative, economic and special routes: “Routes of mystery” in Toledo.

In Toledo there are some route companies that provide different tourist services, alternatives, or show the city in an imaginative way. Leaving aside the “monumental” type routes in which the history and heritage of Toledo is taught, in recent months another type of “mystery routes” that show facets of this city until now little commented or unknown have acquired great relevance.

It is the “Hidden Toledo”, mysterious, magical, sinister, but above all nocturnal. An essential characteristic of these routes is that they do not narrate the heritage for which the Imperial City is known, but rather, bordering these great monuments, they go through “different” and special corners in which other events could have happened that do not tell the official story, and to which it would be very difficult for a tourist to walk only through the city.

The best way to get to know the mysteries of Toledo is to let yourself be carried away by one of these mystery routes offered by companies such as “ Guides”, run by researchers, professors and experts in the city, in some cases authors of very successful publications and good connoisseurs of the magic of Toledo.

It is the case for example of the route “Toledo sinister: houses and enchanted places” of which next we show you a video:

“Toledo Siniestro” : A route with great public success, which includes a usually theatrical stop, created in “ Guides” exclusively that you can enjoy for only 10 euros on Saturday nights.

Other types of routes include visits to “secret” spaces, which only some Toledans know because they do not belong to the city’s rich monumental heritage or which only open at specific times. This is the case of the route “Discover the Magic Toledo”. Some Mondays you have routes of this type programmed in the afternoon night from 5 euros per person.

Discounts for doing several routes in Toledo

Also “ Guides” offers you important discounts for several routes, as for example their routes are already famous “Rompebotas“, almost six hours in three routes to know all Toledo that can be done in different dates for only 40 euros per person. Here all the information: “Rutas Rompebotas en Toledo”

Other combinations offer discounts for two routes. For example, a “monumental” route in the morning + a nocturnal route (Toledo Siniestro, or Magic Toledo) for only 30 € the two routes.

Here all the information about discounts for several guided tours in Toledo.