Prepare your visit. Tourism in Toledo

Prepare your visit. Tourism in Toledo

Do you plan to visit Toledo in the next few days? Do you come to do tourism and are you preparing your visit? Below we offer you recommendations and articles so that you can make the most of your stay in the city. And if you are from here, remember that it is always possible to discover something new in Toledo.

Prepare your visit. Tourism in Toledo Shed in Toledo

First, visit the agenda of cultural activities scheduled for the dates when you will make your visit. It is probable that there will be some event, some celebration… In this city there is always something to do.

Above all, don’t make the mistake of just passing through the city during the day, coming by AVE or other transport and returning to a hotel in Madrid. That way you won’t get to know Toledo. The night in the city is the most important thing. Take a route, discover the streets of the city at dawn, enjoy its traditions… And try to visit as many museums as possible, such as the Greco Museum, the Army Museum, Sephardic Museum…

You can also take advantage of these days to discover some hidden corners of Toledo, go out for drinks or a walk, given that there will be many people staying in hotels and the night of spring and summer invites you to go out or hire some route or night walk of those who are made through the streets, a unique experience that you should enjoy in Toledo.

And why not make your own route, with the “Route of corners of terrifying legends” that we offer you in these pages?


You should also bear in mind certain recommendations for visiting Toledo that we make in these articles:

You can bring all this information, and much more in our book (e-book and paper) “Navigating the Legends of Toledo”


And don’t forget to book a nighttime themed guided tour – they’re in!

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