Unknown Heritage Routes in Toledo

Unknown Heritage Routes in Toledo

In 2004 the so-called “Unknown Heritage” routes were opened in Toledo, free and guided visits to various monuments, archaeological sites and other places of singular interest that have been recovered by the Consortium of the City of Toledo and that had not been able to be visited for years, in some cases centuries. If you come to Toledo, you should not miss any of these visits.

Basic data for the visit:

  • Visits can be made individually or in groups. In the latter case, it is advisable to schedule the visit beforehand.


  • In this link you will be able to download an informative brochure (PDF) about the different routes, timetables, location….
  • The Roman Baths in Plaza de Amador de los Ríos (headquarters of the Cultural Resources Management Centre of the Toledo Consortium)
  • The Caves of Hercules
  • The House of the Jew
  • The Church-Mosque of El Salvador
  • The Islamic Basements of Cardinal Cisneros, 12
  • The Church of San Sebastián
  • The Angel Baths
  • The Caballel Baths
  • The Arab Baths of Tanneries
  • The Islamic Baths of Cenizal
  • The Convent of Santa Isabel
  • Crypt and tower of the Convent of Conceptionists
  • Roman remains under Alfonso X Street
  • Convent of Comendadoras (patio de la Mona)
  • The vaulted basements of the square of El Salvador
  • The Tower of San Román
  • Islamic Hall of the College of Maidens
  • Roman Vault of Nuncio Viejo, 19


  • Christ of Light Mosque
  • Chapterhouse of the Convent of San Clemente
  • St. Jerome Chapel of the Convent of Conceptionists

Unknown Heritage Routes in ToledoMore information on the Routes and reservation of days and hoursCENTER OF CULTURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT OF THE CONSORTIUM OF TOLEDO The timetable of the CULTURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT CENTER of the Consortium of Toledo, installed in the Roman Baths of the Plaza de Amador de los Ríos, is the following:Tuesday to Saturday: from 10 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 9 pmSundays: from 10 am to 2 pmMondays: closedTelephone: 925 25 30 80Fax: 925 21 02 27e-mail: termas@consorciotoledo.orgThe Consortium reserves the right to modify timetables and routes depending on the maintenance operations required: Consorcio Ciudad de Toledo (updated 17 July 2011)Would you like to visit these spaces and some others but the timetables do not convince you? Book the route “Toledo underground” at this link. Unknown Heritage Routes in ToledoSure you’re also interested: Halloween 2018 in Toledo: what to visit or do in Todos los Santos