How to prepare a low cost trip or visit to Toledo

How to prepare a low cost trip or visit to Toledo

Not too long ago a well-known tourism portal located Toledo as one of the cheapest destinations for travelers. But how can you find the best prices on accommodation, meals and other activities in the city? We will try to help you if this is your travel option: spend as little as possible.

Toledo is cheap. And it’s a great place to visit and stay at any time of year. But as in everything you have to know how to search a little.

If the crisis has not yet reached you do not continue reading, because in the city there are many possibilities to spend a lot of money, but today is not the aim of this article.

We are going to tell you how to spend as little as possible visiting the city of Toledo.

How to prepare a low cost trip or visit to Toledo Typical photo of Toledo

First of all, an economic visit is NOT running to Toledo in the morning and leaving in the afternoon. You have to spend at least two nights in Toledo to get to know “something” about the city. In this case, the proximity to Madrid is a problem, as many people make the mistake of staying in the capital and doing a “Toledo marathon” that leaves them exhausted after a few hours.

Having said this, let’s go to the beginning of everything:

How to get there.

One of the cheapest options is still the bus. From the bus station, linked to Madrid until 22:30 with various lines, there are a few minutes walk to Zocodover, practically the “center” of the city. And who said that saving was not sacrificed?

If still you have a car and some (or enough) money to pay for the necessary petrol, some time ago we wrote an interesting article to park for free in Toledo, in which we geolocated on a map the free and paid car parks. Anyway some hotels still offer free parking in their offers or can advise you on a place to leave the car. Toledo is a safe enough city to park on the street, if you can.

How to prepare a low cost trip or visit to Toledo Plaza de San Justo, in Toledo

Toledo has beautiful corners that you won’t pass through on official visits. Look for alternatives in the form of guided tours of Toledo.

Where to sleep?

Book your hotel at a good price with these recommendations (or click here to see offers on hotels):

Is it cheap to sleep in Toledo? I’d say, according to the door you knock on. There are magnificent four and five-star hotels and inexpensive hostels, even in the old town, where you can sleep very well. There are also intermediate alternatives for accommodation in pensions, hostels and one-, two- or three-star hotels at very good prices. In Toledo the quality and variety of accommodation is exceptional. The problem is that if I now recommend one or two, they will have enormous free publicity… And that is not the aim of this article. Although you only have to search a little in Google, I will recommend two things to you: look for offers on the Internet (sometimes in the Websites of the hotels themselves) and the hostel of the Castle of San Servando.

How to prepare a low cost trip or visit to Toledo Room T4 in San Servando Castle

For a really low price you will stay in an incredible medieval castle (somewhat renovated) but which retains a very special charm. And if you are brave, ask for the T4 room. Very close to the castle there is a bus stop that will take you to the centre of Toledo. Or you can walk again.

And finally, there are already dozens of “tourist apartments” in which to sleep at very acceptable prices… Search a little.

How to prepare a low cost trip or visit to Toledo Toledo at sunset

Night falls over Toledo. If you leave now you will miss images like this one.

What and where to eat?

In the city where gastronomy is a delicacy it is a pity not to be able to taste the magnificent “Perdiz a la Toledana”, the “Carcamusas”, or buy some marzipan… There are also other options such as hamburgers or international food through the winding streets of the old town. Although going for “tapas” may seem like an expensive option, sometimes there are good offers and downtown restaurants that offer combined dishes at a good price. It’s all about walking a bit and finding something we like. And if not, there is always the sandwich resource, as in any other city.

In this article we have selected among 13.000 toledanos some economic restaurants where to eat in Toledo.

How to prepare a low cost trip or visit to Toledo Sephardic Museum one summer afternoon.

What to visit?

Let’s go in order. First the museums. Before visiting Toledo think about what you want to see. There are many options, more than you will be able to visit even if you don’t believe it. Toledo conserves hundreds of monuments, museums, corners that make it unique. It seems like a small space but you will need several days to get to know it. On this page we have already published several articles to schedule a complete visit to the city. For example, you would need a whole day to visit the Army Museum in the Alcázar (it’s huge), a morning to contemplate slowly the Cathedral and a whole day to visit museums like the one dedicated to El Greco, the Sephardic… And then there are other monuments that you should never despise, like San Juan de los Reyes, the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz, gates, walls… The list is very extensive.

How to prepare a low cost trip or visit to Toledo Full moon in Toledo

In the project “Secret Toledo” you will find images like this one of Toledo. To get an idea of what you miss if you don’t spend several nights in Toledo…

But many of them have an entry, and although in some cases it is quite economic, the lump sum can shoot up to several tens of euros.

This is not the purpose of this article. One option that lowers the price of several monuments is to buy the “Toledo tourist bracelet” offered by the Archbishopric of Toledo for 9 €.

For this price, we will be able to visit the church of Santo Tomé where El Greco’s painting “El entierro del señor de Orgaz” is located; the mosque of Cristo de la Luz; the church of the Jesuits (from which we can observe a magnificent view of the whole city at the top of its towers); the church of El Salvador; the synagogue of Santa María la Blanca, the monastery of San Juan de los Reyes and the church of the Colegio de Doncellas Nobles (added in 2016).

The seven monuments are scattered throughout Toledo’s “labyrinth”, so it may take you a while to find them (and Toledo’s maps and GPS don’t work very well). An alternative is for them to take you to (and explain) those 7 monuments. There are routes that for a little more you will get a tour guide that takes you and explains those monuments: “Ruta de la Pulsera Turística”

How to prepare a low cost trip or visit to Toledo “Santa María la Blanca”, ancient Synagogue included in the “Tourist Bracelet“.

State museums always have some free access, currently on Sundays (not all day, although this may change without notice): For example the Museo del Greco, the Museo del Ejército (Alcázar) and the Museo Sefardí. If you can adapt your visit to these times and days, you will save a lot. If you are unemployed, some museums will not charge you entrance fee if you prove it. Although keep in mind that many museums/monuments in the city do not belong to the state…

Also the Cathedral has a reduced cost for Spaniards on Sundays, from 14 to 18:00 hours, for only 2.50 euros (if you live in Toledo or its diocese, you will enter free on Sunday afternoons presenting your ID card)

A recommended and due visit in Toledo is to the Museum of Santa Cruz. The building and its collection are well worth a visit. Access to its impressive courtyard is usually free.

Check out Toledo’s museum programme, especially in summer, as there are free open nights and a variety of interesting activities.

How to prepare a low cost trip or visit to Toledo Toledo Cathedral

Toledo Cathedral can also be visited for free, on Sundays, but only toledanos and residents of the diocese of Toledo. Rest of Spaniards at 2,50 €… Although you can always take advantage of some festivity.

Can’t pay for museum tickets and you don’t have the same free access times? Toledo conserves numerous corners bordering those great monuments that will make you enjoy the visit to the city.

I recommend you to look for the viewpoints that look out over the Tagus to observe the sunsets, walk through the sheds or lose yourself in the Jewish quarter... And if you are accompanied much better.

The experience is unforgettable. Don’t be afraid to walk aimlessly through the night city. A word of advice: try to finish your route at Toledo’s best vantage point: the Valley.

A night route?

Visiting Toledo is an option. But that you are accompanied by people who live there and know its mysteries, anecdotes, curiosities, its history, is priceless.

How to prepare a low cost trip or visit to Toledo