Get out of gear. The Night in Toledo

Get out of gear. The Night in Toledo

Tourists who do not stay overnight in the city miss one of Toledo’s most fascinating attractions: the night. Here are some guidelines for getting out of “marcha” or “de copas” around the city.

We have commented, on occasion, on the attractiveness of Toledan nights. The realization of routes or night walks is being one of the main tourist “innovations” that this city, like so many others, offers to its visitors. There are route companies in charge of offering these services, but until now we have not dealt with the subject of “going out for drinks” or “going out for a walk” in the Imperial City…

Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s a good time to review the walking areas and the most popular locations for a drink or a walk with friends. If you are visiting the city for the first time, it will be useful to get to know these areas, so that your visit does not become a matter of chance, or if you do not want to go to your hotel bed early (unless you have a better plan)


Toledo is not a big city. If you stay in the city centre, you will have certain places with lively nightlife from both the city’s neighbours and occasional visitors. The Alfileritos Street area, very close to Zocodover is full of bars and pubs with a lot of atmosphere on weekends and even Thursdays during the university course. Also near Zocodover you will find rooms offering occasional live music and performances or a drink in a church transformed into a party hall (Círculo del Arte). In Calle Santo Tomé you will find lively open terraces even in winter offering succulent tapas and a very nice place to have a good time.

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On the other hand, if you are looking for something quieter, in Toledo you can have a drink in the afternoon, mainly on weekends or a “tapa” in the Barrio de Santa Teresa (Plaza de Cuba area), where you can find terraces and different pubs. As for tapas, Toledo has many bars and restaurants that offer their specialties at a good price. A very interesting task for the visitor is to look in the old town for “hidden” taverns and bars that offer tapas and excellent food at a good price.

Get out of gear. The Night in Toledo Hams hung in a bar in Toledo

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Toledo also offers a possibility you won’t find in any other city: the cigarettes. In recent years, catering companies have acquired certain cigarettes (large private properties in the vicinity of Toledo) that have been transformed into hotels, restaurants or terraces of exceptional quality, for their service and for the unbeatable views of the city they offer. Don’t forget to ask for them, it’s worth it; in some cases you will have to ask for a taxi to get there if you want to avoid a long walk, although sometimes the night and the views are worth it… Although you must be careful that the restaurant you go to, doesn’t end up taking all your money…

Finally, we recommend the view of Toledo at night from a classic: the Ronda del Valle. Some terraces and restaurants are located in this area. Discover them.

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