50 essential things to do in Toledo (Updated)

50 essential things to do in Toledo (Updated)

Contrary to popular belief, Toledo doesn’t know each other in a day. You have to sleep in this magical city, you have to live it at night, and there is a lot to do at least in a weekend. Then we share 50 different things to do in Toledo, places to visit and other experiences, so you have a choice. (Updated).

It is not an exhaustive list, nor closed, and I invite you to leave in the comments more things to do in this wonderful city.

To the toledanos everything will seem to us too typical, but to those of outside, it will help you a lot in your visit. It will be impossible to do everything proposed even in a weekend. Here it goes:

1. Visit Toledo Cathedral. The “Primada de España” is a must in any first (and second) visit to Toledo. After a while you won’t have enough, it’s immense. You have to climb the Campana Gorda. On Sundays it is cheaper for Spaniards to enter.

50 essential things to do in Toledo (Updated)Toledo Cathedral Gorda Bell

2. Walk through Zocodover and the street Trade. The square par excellence, the old “market of the beasts”. Place of important events present and past in the city. And to buy something for one of the most commercial streets of the city.

3. Visit the Alcázar de Toledo. Today it houses the Army Museum. On Sundays access is free.

4. Take a nocturnal route through the Magical Toledo. Let them show you the city, it’s the best and cheapest way to go for free…

5. Buy marzipan and a sword. For the former, I recommend a convent or commercial establishment. It’s not usually bad… And if you can, take a marzipan eel. In the case of swords, there are many establishments around the city that have all kinds, some used in movies.

6. Eat some “carcamusas” at the Bar Ludeña. A very toledano dish.

7. Visit the Church of San Juan de los Reyes. Initial pantheon for the Catholic Monarchs. Don’t miss its impressive Gothic cloister. With the tourist bracelet of Toledo you will get cheaper.

San Juan de los ReyesCloister of San Juan de los Reyes.

8. Night walk through the Jewish quarter. Very narrow and totally solitary alleys. Essential.

9. GRECO. Visit the Museo del Greco. Don’t miss either The Burial of the Lord of Orgaz in Santo Tomé, or the collection of Grecos in the Cathedral.

10. Have a good time admiring the Sephardic Museum, in the Synagogue of Samuel ha Levi.

11. Know the Mosque of the Christ of Light and its well-known legend.

12. To contemplate Toledo at any hour of the day from the Mirador de El Valle.

50 essential things to do in Toledo (Updated)

13. If it is summer, have a drink on one of the open terraces such as bars and restaurants, such as the Hotel Carlos V, or Adolfo, or the one on the esplanade of the Alcázar (Bú). From them, the view of Toledo is incredible.

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14. Visit the Museum of Santa Cruz. And its magnificent courtyard and staircase.

15. Walk through gates and walls. Some routes allow access to these spaces, very well preserved in Toledo.

16. Walk under Toledo. He who has not walked under Toledo does not know the city. Some routes visit very interesting caves and subterranean in Toledo, such as private caves or the Cave of Hercules.

17. To know two old bridges: the one of Alcántara and the one of San Martín, on the Tagus river.

18. Ring the bell at the hermitage in El Valle. It also has a legend… And if there is time to take something in the “Kiosko base”, right next to it.

19. Visit the Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca, now a Catholic temple built as a synagogue in the 12th century.

20. A walk along the “ecological path“. A route that requires at least three or four hours, depending on where you want to go, but is very worthwhile for the views of the river. The usual thing is to cross it from bridge to bridge.

21. Discover the Roman Circus of Toledo. A little away from the usual tourist routes, the remains that are preserved belong to the first century.

22. To contemplate Toledo from the towers of the Church of San Ildefonso.

23. Visit the patios of Toledo. Authentic orchards in some cases and open in very few occasions of the year. Especially during Corpus Christi.

24. Walk under the sheds. Some streets in the city are partially covered by structures that communicated different dwellings. Few remain (like Santo Domingo el Real) but very curious. Discover them.

25. Know the wonderful legends of Toledo. On our page you have many…

26. Take a photo of the Cathedral from calle Santa Isabel. One of the most beautiful memories of Toledo:

27. Visit the Hospital de Tavera, or “outside” for being outside the walls, in the Paseo de la Vega (not to be missed either). Do not forget to enter the crypt and the pharmacy.

28. A ride on the Tourist Train. It saves a lot of steps and leads to El Valle…

29. The Church of San Román. Now Museum of Visigoth Councils and Culture. It costs 2 euros.

30. Visit the municipal archive. If you get a chance, a very curious space behind the Church of San Marcos (which is a Culturel center and municipal exhibition space)

31. Have a drink at the ” Circle of Art” in Plaza de San Vicente. An old church converted into a cup hall. Original.

Go up to Castillo de San Servando (it is a hostel currently with very good prices) and contemplate the great postcard of Toledo that can be seen from there.

Castle of San Servando, Toledo

33. Visit the Victorio Macho Museum. And observe the works of art preserved there, as well as the magnificent views over the Tagus River from Roca Tarpeya.

34. Behold the Door of the Sun. And if it is open, go up. The views are magnificent.

35. Stroll through El Miradero. Currently remodeled on the Palacio de Congresos.

36. Search for Bitter Well. Get lost, and if it is at night, so much the better. On this well, there is a curious legend.

37. Visit the convent of Santo Domingo el Real. And if you’re lucky and agree, meet Sanchito’s mummy.

38. Unknown heritage. In recent years numerous spaces have been recovered in the city thanks to the work of the City of Toledo Consortium. Many can be visited.

39. Know some cigarette. Although they are very private spaces, some are open like restaurants, hotels… We recommend the Cigarral de Caravantes, El Cigarral de las Mercedes or El Cigarral del Santo Ángel Custodio.

40. Some churros in the Kiosko Catalino, in the Paseo de Merchán (or de la Vega), sitting in front of the Puerta de Bisagra.

41. A romantic dinner at “La Ermita” or “Adolfo”, or at a Michelin star restaurant in Toledo: “Iván Cerdeño” at the Cigarral del Ángel… Restaurants that are well worth an effort on a special occasion.

42. Watch a sunset from Paseo de San Cristóbal or from the viewpoint of Virgen de Gracia.

43. Climb the escalators. Something different, they are not going to be all monuments… Then there’s an interesting walk up more hills, but it’s worth it.

44. La Holy Week. Perhaps not as famous as in other cities, but it is impressive to observe certain processions through narrow alleys.

45. Go up in El Valle to Piedra del Rey Moro and contemplate a sunset. Watch out! Comfortable shoes…

46. Walk through el Tránsito, one of the few public gardens inside the old town. From there you can admire impressive views of the Tagus.

47. Visit the Arms Factory. Current Technological Campus of the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

48. Go up to the Biblioteca de Castilla-La Mancha, in the Alcázar de Toledo and contemplate its views from the towers.

49. Find Hell’s Alley and Devil’s Alley. And if you don’t find them, here they take you.

Hell’s Alley

50. Discover your own Toledo. Walk, any time of the day. Every corner, every street, every building has a different history, a legend. Toledo is History. And if you prefer to be guided, take a Free Tour of Toledo.

Surely you can think of corners, places, secret spaces that do not appear here… Leave them in the comments. Thank you

Some of these places are visited with Toledo Spain.