The Phantom of Santo Domingo (El Real) of Toledo

The Phantom of Santo Domingo (El Real) of Toledo

It is not the first time that we are surprised by the discovery of a legend of Toledo that was forgotten. In this case, José García Cano acquired a few days ago in an old bookshop a small and yellowish booklet with this curious legend written in 1928 by Ricardo Domínguez García and which we now share with everyone.

The legend of the ghost of Santo Domingo el Real in Toledo includes everything necessary to be recovered as a great classic of Toledo legends with all the necessary ingredients: knight with sword, lady, ghost, mystery, dramatic outcome and one of the most beautiful corners of Toledo.

” For a smile…”

It all fell into the environment,

submerged all in silence;

at night, the stars

seemed mysterious

trembling frightened

in his pale reflection.

Everything slept in the square

of romantic memory;

the columns that adorned

the portico of the convent

projected rare shadows

drawing on the ground

because they are illuminated

from a moonlight to the kiss…

Towards the sky, it rose

as a friend of the winds,

the old bell tower

with your comfort bronzes,

that when sonar at night,

slow, quiet, slow,

like haunted sounds

more than love instilled fear.

Espadaña which can be seen in the Plaza de Santo Domingo el Real in Toledo

Thus the poet narrates the dark, nocturnal atmosphere in the Plaza de Santo Domingo el Real, which is accessed by a shed and always in solitude, keeps numerous secrets.

Imagine a dark square, as the wind complains resounding in the revolts with a scream and an echo. A Christ expires, in a wood already undone and eaten by the rain and by the time, illuminated sadly with the flickering light of a small, broken lantern. The bronzes of the bells slowly move, as in a strange spell are heard in the night with a funeral machaqueo: twelve sad bells that are lost to the far away.

Between the shadows and in white shroud wrapped arises a of human form, of superstitious aspect, that walking with rigidity of dead body, enters Santo Domingo, remaining motionless in the center of the square in front of the portico of the Temple, while inside the nuns pass by for the to start their matinee prayers.

The windows of the noble church are illuminated with a sinister glow, as the lament of the bells ends to return to silence.

The Phantom of Santo Domingo (El Real) of ToledoLegend of the ghost of Santo Domingo el Real in Toledo

The human shadow, after waiting a little, as if propelled by something towards the gloomy shed, enters it, and is finally lost in its black background.

A few days later, all the neighbors of the Imperial are terrified and scrambled with the tragic event: they had found in the Plaza de Santo Domingo a dead man.

It was the corpse of an elegant young gentleman. He had a brother in Flanders and another with him in Toledo, where they had lived since they were born.

Don Luis Palacios de Herreros was the brother with lively eyes
and disturbing, black hair and moustache, which floated in the air the feather of the
his chambergo, and wrapped his cape tizona between the flights with pride and
gallantry with impulse and boldness…

The Phantom of Santo Domingo (El Real) of Toledo… That gave to float to the air the feather of his chambergo, and wrapped his tizona of the cape between the flights with pride and gallantry with impulse and with boldness. Photo: Eduardo Salas

Don Luis knew that his brother’s death had been caused by the mysterious shadow that in the night crossed silently and slowly the solitary square. And with the rage that was a sign of the arrest of his lineage and his caste, swore, before his brother’s dead body, a vengeance. And putting the right on the handle of the sword, was lost in the streets of the city toledana.

On the way to the square, he heard that from a house of severo and noble appearance, a strange laugh came out. Offended, he turned to see if it was and so it seemed, for as he passed by again he shouted a loud laughter. strange.

Don Luis went, annoyed, to the door of the house where the laughter came from, to punish the vile one who thus mocked him. Calling with the heavy knocker, the leaves of one of the most important and window and the picture of the same one was born light of the morning…

A woman as white as snow, with a delicate smile that in his lips were flame came out and said to the gentleman:

  • Lord, keep your guard, for it was I who laughed and never offended I thought; it was the joy of my life, it was laughter in my house, nevertheless, if you believe that my words are false, dare, then, Lord, to fight with a lady..
  • Lord, whoever you are, young or old, noble, noble or villainous, poor, rich or made by the haunted hands of some devil of hell, I beseech you as the knights must beg, that you discover yourselves in my sight and accept this my challenge, for I swore to take vengeance since you have died to my brother; so put yourselves on guard live God! That I promise you that you will pay dearly for the crimes you have committed and….
  • Oh, surprise! Damn it! One of a woman, so beautiful, that Don Luis recognized at once, before the dream of his emerald eyes and his mouth of fire.

It was her, the beautiful lady of mystery laughter, it was her, the pretty woman with spectrum laughter, who was undoubtedly crazy, because to the to see himself before the Blacksmith launched a horrifying scream that echoed in the silence.

The Phantom of Santo Domingo (El Real) of Toledo