What to do and see in Toledo during the December 2017 bank holiday

What to do and see in Toledo during the December 2017 bank holiday

If you want to visit the city of Toledo on the next December holiday, then we leave a series of recommendations and a compilation of our best articles to discover this city as others can not do.Toledo is much more than great monuments. Sleep in this city and unveil its secrets, on the December Bridge in Toledo.

From 5 to 9 December 2017 many of us will have a few days off. If you plan to travel to Toledo, to make tourism or simply to renew a previous visit (Toledo always surprises) we recommend below some new ideas that break with the concept of “the typical” in Toledo.

First things first:

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You can consult the following offers or click here and look for other dates with good prices in Hotels, hostels and tourist apartments in Toledo.

Here are some proposals for him:

December bank holiday in Toledo

  • Get to know the “Culturel agenda “of Toledo. Here you will find theatre, activities, Culturel proposals, concerts… Click here to access (Toledo City Council Culturel Agenda).
  • Look for corners and places “different “to which we toledanos usually go. Not long ago Traveler magazine published some interesting recommendations.Traveler also recommended the mysterious guided tours in Toledo (see here). In my opinion, they are alternatives if you have visited the city before. If it’s your first time, better than the most typical, you’ll also be surprised. And what’s more typical: click here
  • One route through Toledo, but “below”, the route “Toledo subterranean “offers in “Toledospain.click Guides” access to up to 7 subways under the city for about 2 hours. At many times, you have to book here.(Can be booked from 15 November, for the December holiday)
  • If you are looking for a more conventional route, but one that also breaks with the most typical Toledo, you may be interested in guided tours such as “Toledo Mágico”, “Templarios y Leyendas de Misterio” (dramatised, the most nocturnal route) or even “Toledo sinister: houses and enchanted places”. Only in Toledospain.click Guides can you find them (click here) It is highly recommended to book in advance the guided tours, because for the bridges everything is full. And choose the route company very well: although there are many not all are the same and most offer “less” for the same price (or even more), or do not do street theatre, visit fewer monuments, less underground. Always take a few minutes to plan your visit well…

What to do and see in Toledo during the December 2017 bank holiday Toledo on the bridge will be adorned with thousands of Christmas lights

If you want an introduction to the essentials of Toledo, don’t miss the Free Tour of Toledo, there are several times during the December holiday. If you’ve never been on a Free Tour, it’s an outdoor guided tour (they don’t enter monuments) in which for about 90 minutes the most typical is narrated, an introduction to the city, and you set the price at the end of the guided tour. More information about Free Tour in Toledo here.

Or if you like the world of mystery, this bridge offers you the opportunity to attend the three most famous routes of the city: “Toledo sinister “(includes a theatrical stop), “Toledo Magic “(includes a visit to a different subway) and “Templars in Toledo “” (includes a theatrical stop) for only 30 euros the three routes (you can do them on different dates during the bridge). Click here for more information on the “Mysterious Toledo” package:

What to do and see in Toledo during the December 2017 bank holiday

Route on witchcraft in Toledo, accessing the new exhibition

If you like different exhibitions, and narrations that delve into “special” aspects of the history of cities, not long ago in Toledo has opened an exhibition dedicated to witchcraft (we’ve talked about it here). During the December holiday, in Toledospain.click Guides propose in the afternoon a guided tour of the exhibition and then to various corners of the city, telling curiosities about witches in Toledo, the Inquisition… Don’t miss it and book in advance.

What to do and see in Toledo during the December 2017 bank holiday Poster of the Exhibition of Witchcraft in Toledo

If this is your first time, on this website you will find numerous guidelines on what to do and see in one or more days in the city. From the most typical and necessary to the “different” proposals that we are going to offer you.

In addition, in “Toledospain.click Guides” you are given up to 3 digital books about the city. One of them when you book, before visiting Toledo, a complete PDF guide very useful for tourists in Toledo:

What to do and see in Toledo during the December 2017 bank holiday In Toledospain.click Guides give away the Toledo Tourist Guide in digital format to book a route

In this article we will also update with activities and different proposals for the December 2017 bridge. Come back soon.

The most basic guide, some interesting links:

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