Offers in Tourism in Toledo for the month of August

Offers in Tourism in Toledo for the month of August

One of the most current activities in the city of Toledo is participate in a guided tour. In addition to visiting the hundreds of museums, monuments and special corners that the city preserves, letting yourself be carried along its streets by an expert person who knows its mysteries is one of the most memorable experiences of your trip to the Imperial City. And in some cases the visit includes access to some “secret” or unusual space of those who are not usually visited on typical tourist routes, such as the image of the…

In these difficult times of crisis, nothing better than looking for “low cost” services in the cities we visit. Services that do not have to mean a decline in quality but for various reasons break with the prices established so far. In the case of guided routes, or walks, or tourist visits in the city of Toledo, there is nothing better than knowing the city to know the services that some companies offer.

In the photo: several groups en route join in one of the streets of Toledo on July 29, 2012. Source: Routes of Toledo

In addition to the typical heritage visits, carried out in the mornings, there are a series of “different” routes that start at dusk, carried out by experts in different subjects that are not usually spoken about when we want to know the extensive heritage of the city.

In the case of night routes through Toledo, the company “ Guides” offers, for example, interesting discounts on summer weekends, not for that reason implying a decline in the quality of the same, but a way to reach all audiences:

  • Friday and Saturday: route at 19 hours 90 minutes long. Friday “Templars in Toledo” and Saturday “Toledo Siniestro” at 6 € per person..
  • Monday : a different route every Monday for only 5 € per person, 90 minutes long..
  • Tuesday 14 August: a special route on the Inquisition in Toledo with access included in the price to an exhibition of medieval torture instruments for only €10, at 9 pm. More information.

If you want more information about the dates in routes for your stay in Toledo, check their calendar.

* Children under 10 years of age do not pay the entrance fee.

In the evenings, they have an extensive catalogue of two-hour routes at the price of 12 € per person that you can see in their list of routes in Toledo, among which are “Discover the Magic Toledo”, “” Toledo legends and myths”, “Toledo Siniestro” or various routes related to anecdotes, legends and curiosities of the “Three Cultures”, Arabs, Jews… And also a very special, with lots of humor, which program some Mondays called “The bad life in medieval Toledo: mancebías, cantinas, prisons, picaresque and riots”. Some of these routes lead to areas that are not usually accessed, such as an unusual cave in the Toledo subsoil (see photo at the beginning of this article), a dungeon, or various exhibitions.

They also have various offers and promotions for business events in Toledo, scavenger hunts, schools, associations and a curious service for bachelorette parties. Here you will be able to know all the offers.

On their Facebook, from time to time they raffle tickets and at this moment there is an active contest of stories and horror stories related to Toledo.

The last route premiered in “ Guides” is “Toledo Siniestro: casas y Places encantados”. Here’s a great video presentation:

As we have told you, this route “Toledo Siniestro” is on offer for 6 € on Thursdays at 9 pm and Saturdays at 7 pm.

” Guides” also gives free to all its customers the download of a very special digital book to learn many of the secrets of the city: “Toledo Unusual”, with more than 400 pages, one of the best known researchers of “Toledo”, Luis Rodriguez Bausá, who is also a member of this company and with whom you can share some of their routes. You can see it “in action” in this video:

Luis, professor at the University, as well as others who collaborate with “ Guides” have taken part in such well-known programmes as “Cuarto Milenio” or “Milenio 3” by Íker Jiménez, among others and various radio programmes.

In short, during your visit to Toledo you will probably find other companies that offer guided tours of the city, but I can assure you that the quality, good prices and services offered by “ Guides” are insurmountable, not only because of the large influx of people (which is an important indicator) but also because of the magnificent work of the people who tell their stories in the farthest corners of the city, outside the usual circuits. If you really want to know “the other Toledo”, the magical, the sinister, and discover secrets that only those of us who live there know, don’t hesitate and book in “ Guides”.

Some sheds shelter stories that are not heard on traditional routes.