Toledo, a different weekend

Toledo, a different weekend

As we commented in a recent article, we are on dates of great departures to coastal destinations or holidays with lasting overnight stays. In this case we do not want to forget all those who are still working in Madrid and want to take advantage of the weekend for a summer getaway. We are going to spend a weekend in Toledo, different and special.

In that sense, Toledo is one of those destinations around the capital that one should not miss for various reasons. The first is because it has a world-renowned architectural history with unique references such as the Alcántara Bridge, the Alcázar or the Cathedral. And on the other hand, the proximity to the capital, which makes that in less than an hour we consider there. And it is that to visit its medieval zone or to make some of the routes by the river Tagus are more than recommendable to culminate a weekend of leisure.

Alcázar de Toledo

For the more traditional in search of a Culturel visit we have the Old Town of Toledo. We can go to singular monuments such as the Alcázar or the Primada Cathedral. The first of them is located on the highest hill of the city therefore we can see it from several points in the old town. In addition to having interesting bridges, keeping walls intact and treasuring different buildings of theological reminiscences, Toledo is also one of those localities in the Spanish geography that contains Roman remains. Claims like the circus, the thermal baths or the few remains of the enormous aqueduct (some of them subterranean), where we can discover a relationship with the system of bringing, storage and evacuation of water.

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View of Toledo Cathedral tower from Calle Santa Isabel.

Another very interesting Culturel proposal is to visit museums. There is an extensive variety of them among which, without a doubt, the El Greco museum stands out. A museum that houses much of the dispersed work of this universal artist and is located in a wonderful house that preserves some curious Mudejar caves and a large garden. In another variant totally opposite, we propose the Museum of the Army. A war-themed space that also offers a virtual visit for children and has its ceremonial centre in the majestic Alcazar.

Toledo, a different weekend

Bridge of San Martín, in the background, the church of the monastery of San Juan de los Reyes

For those who are looking to relax in nature and get out of the routine of the big city, we propose the 15 kilometer route along the Tagus River. An itinerary that goes from end to end of the city and that can be done on foot or by bicycle. There are several routes, among which the oldest stands out, the one that follows the course of the river from Puente de Alcántara to Puente de San Martín (known by the people of Toledo as “Senda ecológica” ).

Be that as it may, the options for a weekend in Toledo are innumerable and satisfy all kinds of audiences and demands. What do you think, any suggestion?

Toledo, a different weekend

Getting lost at night in the streets of Toledo is a great choice…