Guided tours in Toledo for children and families

Guided tours in Toledo for children and families

There are many activities that can be carried out in Toledo with children: visiting museums, attending concerts, participating in events and visits to specific monuments… The following is a brief list of activities for families in the city, including some Tourism in Toledo for children or guided tours to attend with the youngest.

In the article Visiting Toledo with children we already offered several clues to spend a few days with the family in the city, also making the visit more friendly for the youngest.

At that time we already recommended activities such as the Tourist Train, the Tourist Bus (both in Zocodover), the Tyrolean on the Tagus, the activities organised by the Town Hall or the Museums (which are usually published in the Culturel Agenda of the Town Hall of Toledo) or areas and spaces of the city to visit with children, parks, squares, etc…


We are going to expand the list that we then offered by recommending an activity that many families are already doing on their visit to Toledo: a guided tour.

Interior of Toledo Cathedral. Panoramic 360º, press and rotate.

Getting to know this city, with tens of monuments, distributed in an authentic labyrinth of streets can really be a problem if you visit with children: they get tired soon, the heat or cold affects them more than the older ones (or less, depending on the case), the slopes are exhausting… For years some tourist companies have proposed to improve the quality of this visit with children offering some routes adapted to them and their needs and characteristics, with qualified personnel and who narrate the city from points of view more appropriate to early ages.

First of all, depending on the age of the child, you must adapt the visit. In this article we will consider “child” children under 10-11 years. And so, we will offer activities that may interest them, more than if they are over that age or teenagers, who will have “other priorities”.

We advise not to visit this city in a period less than three days (at least from Friday to Sunday is perfect), to book a suitable hotel (if it is in summer, there are some with swimming pool) and if it is in winter in the area of the old town, to avoid displacements or long walks that will increase the tiredness and the cold in the smallest. In any case, if you find a good offer in hotels far from the historic centre, don’t worry, as Toledo is well communicated by escalators, buses, taxis, or you can leave your car in one of the private car parks scattered around the town centre.

We are not going to insist too much on how to get there, where to stay, or where to eat with children in Toledo, as we have already done in previous articles, which you can find on our website.

Find a hotel in Toledo

You can consult the following offers or click here and look for other dates with good prices in Hotels, hostels and tourist apartments in Toledo.

The purpose of this article is to comment on some guided tours or routes more suitable for assisting with children in Toledo:

1. Specific guided tours for children.

During the year at different times and dates, there are companies that offer guided tours adapting Toledan themes to children. In dates marked as bridges, holidays, “Halloween” or Christmas are also scheduled different routes, so they are highly recommended dates to visit with children.

Guided tours in Toledo for children and families Guided tours in Toledo for children and families Guided tours in Toledo for children and families Guided tours in Toledo for children and families Guided tours in Toledo for children and familiesToledo from the Valley