What to do in Toledo in August? Summer terraces, night routes...

What to do in Toledo in August? Summer terraces, night routes…

Many of you will be thinking about sand and beach, but there is a city in central Spain that resists the massive flight to the coast in August… A millenary city that hides many secrets and that is not visited in one day, the race.

The city in which it is necessary to sleep to discover its mysteries and that has been cradle of great part of these lands.

All very well but… What do I do in Toledo from 18 hours? Terraces and rooftops, guided tours, nightlife… Let’s see.

Undoubtedly for the day there are many interesting proposals, which we have analyzed on other occasions, so we invite you to take a look around our page, accessing the menus you have at the top. Also if what you are looking for is how to get there or prepare for the trip you will find a lot of help. But what is of interest here today is when the Sun is hidden (or this moment is near)

Here are some suggestions for a very pleasant August night in the Imperial City. There they go:

Parties, culture and concerts

August is the month of the patron saint fiestas in Toledo (from 14 to 20 August). The Town Hall organizes a series of activities including concerts, Culturel activities, fair, etc. Consult this link the entire program: Program Fair and Festivals 2016 in honor of the Virgen del Sagrario in Toledo

Get lost

What to do in Toledo in August? Summer terraces, night routes...

Get lost. It’s not an insult or anything like that… In Toledo you have to get lost. There is a curious tendency for the tourist to take the following route: Zodocover, Cathedral, Santo Tomé… And start over.

In Toledo there is a lot more to visit. There are hundreds of monuments (not only the “official” ones).

Don’t be afraid to walk through the Toledo labyrinth. Get lost (if it’s with someone much better), go through forgotten corners, adarves, walls… Everything you can. It’s free and the experience is unforgettable. Toledo is a very safe city, don’t hesitate to do this at night.

Getting lost in the streets of Toledo can lead us to discover nooks and crannies like the one in the image (Photo: Toledospain.click Guides).


There are many summer terraces in squares and corners of Toledo, as always. But this year there is something different: several restaurants have been opened on the roofs of buildings. I don’t need to tell you about the marvellous views and the magnificent temperature enjoyed in these spaces at night.

I also leave you some very well known terraces in Toledo:

– “La Azotea” on Hotel Carlos V.

Watching the sunset from this stunning terrace is a luxury. Tasting the excellent dishes or having a drink at this height, on the roofs of Toledo is something unforgettable. Totally recommended. You will find it on the Carlos V Hotel (Plaza Horno de la Magdalena, 4). You must enter the Hotel and go up in its elevator.

– Terrace “El Cardenal” on the northern esplanade of the Alcazar.

As we can see in the following image, it impresses the environment of this summer terrace. It is accessed through the door of the Angel. The terrace is open on Thursdays until two in the morning and Fridays and Saturdays until four o’clock.

Terrace “Adolfo”.

On the Hotel of the same name, in the heart of Toledo next to the Cathedral. There is an impressive panoramic view of the monuments of Toledo. Information and Booking: 925 227 321.

Terrace Bú.

Located in the Plaza del Corralillo de San Miguel, next to the Alcázar. Good views towards the Tagus (Web)

– San Agustín Market.

A few years ago inaugurated in the square of the same name, very close to Zocodover, aims to bring together the best professionals, experts and enthusiasts of gastronomy with a wide range of fresh produce. (Web)

Base Kiosk.

It’s not really a “rooftop”, but the views from there of Toledo are breathtaking. Located in the viewpoint of the Valley. (Your Facebook)

Toledo from "the valle"

Toledo from the Valley.

Miradero Terrace.

About the new Toledo Congress Centre. Great views towards the Tagus.


Toled at night

Toledo Night Route, visiting a cave.

When all the monuments are closed (around 6 p.m.), the best way to get to know Toledo’s nightlife is on a route. Doing a guided tour by a Toledano, a good connoisseur of his city, is an experience difficult to forget, as there is no city in Spain that hides so many mysteries and secrets as Toledo.

Here are some suggestions for August:

  • In August, there is a route that takes you to discover up to 7 subterranean under Toledo: “Toledo subterranean”, a unique route and above all, very “cool” to avoid the heat of the night in Toledo..
  • Toledo Siniestro: casas y Places encantados. Mysterious narrations about the most elusive beings in the city. (Link to information on “Toledo Siniestro”.) On Fridays and Saturdays during August this route also has a theatricalization..
  • Sometimes offers or guided tours with “different” theatre are also published, such as “La Bruja de Toledo” (some Fridays and Saturdays in August) or routes after 11 pm. In any case we recommend visiting this calendar which informs of all available guided tours and timetables.

And if you want to do several routes, there are discount offers in “Toledospain.click Guides” : do you know the routes “Rompebotas” ?

Last night, #Toledo became very Sinister again. Thank you all for your company on our most nocturnal route!

” Toledospain.click Guides” has a large public, leaving several groups of different routes every night. Book in advance if you don’t want to run out of space. In the picture, several groups after the street theatre on Saturday 25 July.

Quick, come to Toledo before the rain comes back!

Do you know any terrace in Toledo? Participate in the comments ¡thanks!