13 impressive caves or subterranean in Toledo

13 impressive caves or subterranean in Toledo

Walking through the narrow streets of Toledo can take us back to many eras of history, as some corners are preserved as they were centuries ago…

What many are unaware of is that underneath these places is hidden another Toledo, dark, humid and mysterious at times, which has been moulded for centuries, perhaps millennia, by the different civilisations that have lived (and died) on this rocky promontory that gives shape to the current city.

Today we talk to you about thirteen impressive subterranean that hide under Toledo. Visits with us?

Toledo Spain has designed the route “UNDERGROUND TOLEDO” in which 7 curious subterranean are visited. You can see more information in this link: Toledo Subterranean Route

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All the civilizations that have inhabited Toledo have left their mark in the form of buildings. Layer on layer the present Toledo has been built, sometimes making real architectural jewels disappear and in other cases only leaving the foundations or subterranean on which were built strong walls that no longer exist or were replaced by the great monuments that we now observe.

A few years ago in his “Toledo Insólito” Luis R. Bausá already affirmed:

” Of the thousands of tourists who enter our city, only a very small number delve into the mystery and beauty of something more than the unofficial history of traditional monuments, trying to understand the meaning of palaces, coats of arms, streets, tombs… And unfortunately an even smaller number of visitors come to know of the existence of this unusual Toledo that is immersed under the stones they are stepping on; the subsoil of the city authentic refuge of legends, fables, mysteries and daydreams… The city’s authentic refuge of legends, fables, mysteries and dreams…. Get ready to enter the underground world”

And not only will we tell you where these subways are, we will also try to give guidelines for your visit, if possible.

We warn that there are many more, although with this you will have for a while, if you visit this incredible city and you dare with “something different”.