The city of a thousand and one legends

The city of a thousand and one legends

José Ignacio Carmona Sánchez is a Toledan researcher of subjects that we could define as “hidden”, having collaborated in numerous radio programs, press… Some time ago we published in these pages some “psychophonies” recorded in the province of Toledo and now we bring an interesting article and radio program about our city and its mysteries. Don’t miss it.


First of all, we must congratulate the author for the radio programme dedicated to Toledo (broadcast in Onda Regional de Murcia), which can be downloaded/listen to at the following link:,5,ofs,10&serv=BlogPortal2&orden=1&idCarta=13&mOd=3655&autostart=RADIOTitulado “La ciudad de las mil y una leyendas” (1/05/09).

We also link to an interesting radio program, “Espacio en Blanco“, from RNE (directed by Miguel Blanco) that a few days ago dedicated the first hour of its program to Toledo, specifically to the interesting theme of “The Nazis in Toledo”, in which Julio César Pantoja, Gonzalo Rodríguez and José Ignacio Carmona participated as guests .

Download the program in this link (MP3): (Access here to the Web of the program)

Here we reproduce an interesting article that Ignacio Carmona has sent us related to the interesting world of psychophonies, that will find very interesting the fans to this subject:If you have ever heard of psychophonies you will wonder how in the XXI century there are those who say that behind those noises so annoying to the ear are hidden messages belonging to deceased people. You have probably stated that the world has not evolved in some aspects and that it has only adapted to our times certain myths and beliefs more typical of other times. Are these communications really the voices of our deceased loved ones? Do you really know what a psychophony is? Don’t worry, no one knows, not even the specialists themselves.

A psychophony is an economic way of defining those sounds of apparent content recorded without explanation in recordable media, but this ends up becoming a tailor’s drawer where to put a varied spectrum of incidences that happen during a session. Even more clearly, most of the anomalies that occur during a recording have their technical-environmental explanation, so that when talking about psychophonies we should speak of a sound, word or phrase whose overprint does not obey a known reason or admit a valid rational counter hypothesis. For those who discover for the first time the world of psychophonies, I understand the difficulty of understanding a world that has been cornered in the obscurantism of literature, cinema and mystery, popularizing itself as an imprecise variant of modern spiritism. Honestly, not even parapsychology can explain without resorting to risky theories what produces a psychophony and who are the ones or who are the ones who answer intelligently to the questions of the experimenters. The detractors of the phenomenon have wielded all kinds of solutions, finding reasonable parallels in as for example due to the speed of light it is possible to observe a star in present time from our position when it has really disappeared millions of years ago. Radio amateurs know well how it is possible to collect radio contacts via HF with a delay of more than 80 hours and talk about the possibility that the sound signal remains inside a plasma conduit orbiting around the earth. The truth is that it is possible to explain many of the hypothetical paranormal voices with similar arguments, so simply have come to analyze a multitude of records obtained through the technique of transradio (interact a recorder to a radio) resulting in many of them respond to an erroneous demodulation of the signal received.

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Many words or sounds are taken as paranormal voices under the “dopler” effect, because by not remaining absolutely silent and moving in the field of action of the microphone many words alter its resonance. Other times it happens that due to the conformation of the room and taking into account the different materials used in its construction, we end up recording our own sounds that become disturbing “phonic illusions” due to reflection. Regarding the alleged “content” attributed to many of the messages, in attention to all of the above, a simple outburst, a simple rubbing or a noise of guts, acquire the category of “voice” and it is enough for one of those present to speculate an illusory content so that by contagion all are more or less in agreement. One of the characteristics of the psychophonies and therefore of the paranormal phenomenology is what comes to be called the sensory paradigm or pareidolía, this is translated in that our mind when receiving an incomplete information through the senses has a natural tendency to complete it looking for models or stored patterns, nevertheless, to try to reduce the phenomenon to this explanation is as absurd as not to take it into account.