13 places to be scared in Toledo

13 places to be scared in Toledo

Every street, every corner, every old house, convent or palace houses a mystery, keeps a secret or its stones tell a legend. But there are certain “special” places that can cause in the people who visit them very strange sensations or even provoke “out of the ordinary” experiences to those who try to live or work in them. We open the door of the unusual and the strange, do you come in?

1. Cathedral

If we pay attention to Bécquer in the legend “La ajorca de oro” the Cathedral of Toledo would be one of the spaces that can cause more terror if you are trapped one night: statues that wake up, processions of dead, dead that go in procession… There are many other legends that assign to this imposing monument Toledano phenomena that surpass the usual: A confessional attended by the Devil, automatons that knelt during mass, hidden tunnels that lead to secret and forgotten places… The truth is that the Cathedral is a space that houses hundreds, perhaps thousands of corpses, for a long time, as it has been sacred land since ancient times.  Look especially at the column on the right in front of the clock door. There the children were abandoned to be taken care of by the church. Hundreds of people claim that next to this column they have heard cries and photographed strange babies. Dare you spend a night inside?

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2. The crypt of the church of San Andrés and the alley of the Dead.

It is not a novelty that Toledo treasures hundreds of cases of natural mummifications throughout its historic centre. There are convents, institutions and even private houses, some of which have been preserved. But it is in the crypt of the church of San Andrés, where we can find an important number of them, where their faces reveal us a feeling of pain, of anguish, who knows if motivated by the circumstances of their deaths. Be that as it may, the mere presence of these Toledans and Toledans mummified centuries ago, makes stepping foot in this crypt like approaching a tenebrous world of pain, fear…

The subsoil of Toledo is home to thousands of corpses. It was common to bury the dead in the vicinity of churches and the old town is plagued with them. Some have been moved but sometimes only the more superficial layers, leaving a large number of bodies in the lower layers and building on them the current houses. This has led many neighbors to narrate how certain curious events happen in their houses. Toledo is one of the cities in the world that has more inhabitants “below” than in the area currently occupied by the living. And one of the spaces that causes more fear because of the name is the alley of the Dead. Only one remains but in Toledo there were at least three, indicating the place where there were cemeteries or access to crypts.

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