A weekend in Toledo (Updated)

A weekend in Toledo (Updated)

We’re done working by noon on Friday. We take the car from our city, or some public transport and leave for Toledo. This is the starting point of this weekend “adventure” in the Imperial City.

Let’s summarize what to do and what to see in two and a half days, to spend a weekend in Toledo.

We wrote this article thinking of a young or middle-aged couple, with no children (or children who can walk a long way) who arrive in the city on a Friday afternoon and leave on a Sunday evening. Also, of course, for solitary travelers…

First of all, prepare the weekend in Toledo.

The days before the weekend (even the weeks before) we must have well planned the trip. We are talking about a “normal” or average budget.

We are going to look for a central hotel in Toledo (or not so much, depending on the budget) or a tourist apartment in Toledo, if possible within the old town. If it can’t be in the old town, there are many hotels also outside the wall, but in this case it will be necessary to use some public transport or taxis to avoid excessive walks.

Find a hotel in Toledo

You can consult the following offers or click here and look for other dates with good prices in Hotels, hostels and tourist apartments in Toledo.

These previous days of preparation of the trip are very necessary. Toledo is a city with a lot of history and to visit it without a certain “preparation” will cause that we miss many monuments or that we pass by its side without appreciating its quality.

Our recommendation is to trace at least two routes to do on Saturday. Then we will talk about this aspect.

The Hotel is important, though not vital, and will depend a lot on our budget. In Toledo we have all the options, from a hostel, a central hostel to a luxury hotel on the outskirts, or a tourist apartment (there are many already in Toledo). We are not going to recommend any, that is to the luck of the visitor and his “good eye”.

In principle it is not necessary to reserve any ticket, unless you want to attend a specific show or temporary exhibition.

On the way to Toledo. A weekend in Toledo

Getting to Toledo by car is very easy. Nowadays, thanks to GPS and GoogleMaps this is no problem. Something useful if you have a GPS is to look for the geographic coordinates of the hotel of destination or the place that you want to arrive in Google Earth.

This helps a lot, because the GPS, if it allows the entry by coordinates, will leave you in the same door of the hotel, without wandering, although in Toledo this is something more complicated. For example, the coordinates of the central Plaza de Zocodover are:

  • Latitude: 39.859554°
  • Length: -4.021378°

A weekend in Toledo (Updated) A weekend in Toledo (Updated) Photo shed: Grebarsan on Flickr.com

A word of advice: much of Toledo’s magic is in its streets. Get lost. It walks through the narrow streets of the Jewish quarter, passes under the century-old “sheds”, reaches the wall and goes up again, goes down to the Roman circus and walks through its ruins…

A weekend in Toledo (Updated)

Lose yourself also at different times of the day. You will notice that it is not the same to walk through the streets of Toledo in the early afternoon as it is at night... The sensations are totally different. Even if you have the opportunity to travel at different times of the year, Toledo and its streets will seem different to you.

And in this the time of the meal will come. The same as last night, the options are many. If your budget allows it, try a typical Toledano dish: carcamusas, partridge, deer from the Montes de Toledo… The cuisine of our city is magnificent.

And if you have little budget or hurry to continue with the visit, there is also the sandwich resource: bread with some cold meat or sandwich. It’s another option and here we tell you where to eat a sandwich in Toledo.

Saturday afternoon in Toledo.

There’s no place to rest. If the weather allows it, we continue with the route with a brief rest of the food (that also you will be able to do in some place with magnificent views to monuments, if it is near, or some viewpoint of the many that suddenly arise by the city when returning a corner) It is the moment to initiate another route by the old helmet.

Visit a monument that you have not reached in the morning, walk along the wall, go down if you are a good walker to the “ecological path” that practically surrounds the city next to the Tagus River or cross the two most famous bridges: Alcántara and San Martín.

My advice is that you spend some time, if you have already visited many monuments and want to relax, to walk along the Tagus Ecological Trail that goes from the bridge of Alcántara to the bridge of San Martín (or vice versa) The views are exceptional.