The Toledan night, numerous Culturel activities for this weekend

The Toledan night, numerous Culturel activities for this weekend

The Toledan night, numerous Culturel activities for this weekendOn the occasion of the commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the Declaration of Toledo as a World Heritage City, an intense series of leisure and Culturel activities will begin this coming Friday 26 November. The programme was presented today at Toledo City Hall and is reproduced below.

Dramatised routes, concerts, exhibitions, music and animations make up the programme drawn up for the evening of Friday 26 November, in which the Town Hall has organised a special Toledan Night which kicks off the events of the 25th Anniversary of the Declaration of a Heritage City.

This has been explained by Jesús Nicolás, who has highlighted the work done to enhance the heritage of Toledo in the last two and a half decades thanks to the efforts of institutions and citizens. In addition, he assured that the defence and revitalisation of Toledo’s heritage in this quarter century has meant wealth and the generation of employment and with these activities “we want to celebrate this wealth that has been generated”.

The Toledan Night next Friday will be held from 20 hours and will last until 2:00 with the collaboration of major museums and Culturel institutions of the city. There will be music, art, sightseeing and other activities detailed below:

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Magic Toledo

Hechicera: A visit to a house of witchcraft in Toledo. On the Paseo de San Cristóbal at 20:30, 21:30 and 22:30.

Inquisition – Dramatization of an inquisitorial interrogation of a real process in Toledo. Mazmorras de la Posada de la Hermandad at 21:00, 22:00 and 23:00.

Toledo de Bécquer

The Kiss – Representation in narration and scenic flash of this immortal legend. Plaza de San Román at 21:15, 22:15 and 23:15.

Toledo del Romance

The chives. Recreation of the well-known romance in string literature. Plaza de Valdecaleros at 20:45, 21:15 and 22:15.

A Buen Juez Mejor Testigo – Shadow theatre of Zorrilla’s play; in Plaza de Amador de los Ríos at 21:00, 22:00 and 23:00

Toledo de las Brujas

Celestina – Monologue of the character in the work. Plaza de Santa Clara at 21:15, 22:15 and 23:15.

Return to Sepharad

Ay Madre.- Version of the well-known Sephardic copla. Plaza de Barrio Nuevo.

The Splendor of Al-Mamunt

Harem – Oriental dance show at the Tornerías mosque at 21:15, 21:45, 22:15 and 22:45.

Zyriab.- Explanation of Arabic instrumentation and playing of instruments and songs. Mosque of El Salvador at 20:30, 21:30 and 22:30.

Toledo of Love and Death

Pozo Amargo – Theatrical adaptation of the legend. Pozo Amargo Street at 20:30, 21:30 and 22:30.


Church of Santo Tomé – Organ concert by Vicent Warnier, at 20:30.

Museo Sefardí – Flamenco performance by Juan Pinilla and J. Ignacio González at 21:30.

Museo del Greco – Concerts chained in periods of 30 minutes between 20:30 and 22:00 by Isabel García Castro and Guillermo Ortega Santos (cellos) and Quartet of the Diego Ortiz Music School; and between 22:00 and 00:00 by Víctor Pérez Palomino (guitar) and Marta Álvarez (bassoon).

Roca Tarpeya – Hosts the show “Journey to the Land of the Three Cultures”, a didactic storytelling concert through stories in which Jews, Muslims and Christians live together. At 20:30.

Zocodover or San Justo (to be defined) – Fix This at 21:00, Bajo Cuerda at 22:00 and Eboli at 23:00.

Plaza de Padilla – Flamenco flavour at 21:00, Ángel Moro at 22:00 and Trifolka at 23:00.

Town Hall Square – Monkeys Chains at 21:00, Twenty-one at 22:00 and Space Dreams at 23:00.

Miradero – Judith’s concert between 00:00 and 02:00 and mapping on the façade of Santa Fe.

In addition, there will be musical animation by the group Drumline between 20:30 and 22:30 that will cover several streets of the Historical Center.


Free guided tours through the old town – At 20:00 and 22:00 through the convent area and at 21:00 and 23:00 through the Toledo of the Three Cultures. Previous reservation at 925 254 030.

Tourist Bus and Train – For different itineraries at a price of one euro.

Night lighting – Until 02:00 hours.


XXIV Marcha Atlética Toledana “Espada Toledana” – In the avenue of the reconquest from 17:30 hours.

Rally Up to the Parador – At 10:00 hours on the 27th.

XXXIII Cross Nacional “Espada Toledana” – In Safont on the 27th from 10:00 am.


Apart from Friday’s programme, the City Council and the Community Board have organised a major exhibition at the Santa Cruz Museum with 25 relevant pieces from the history of Toledo, which will remain open for 25 weeks to culminate the activities of the event in May with another delivery of the Toledan Night.

Source Toledo City Council, press release.