Toledo... It's another story.

Toledo… It’s another story.

Toledo, “legendary city “; Toledo, “is another story“… These are some of the slogans used in the new advertising campaign launched by the City Council to promote its tourist area. The initiative includes a new and powerful tourist Web Portal, very necessary in these times.

Toledo City Council launches a new advertising campaign with the clear objective of attracting more visitors to the city. The “spearhead” of a set of proposals is a complete and totally new website dedicated to tourism:

The Municipal Tourist Board “does its homework” and catches up. In we have long insisted on the need for a service of these characteristics that left an important gap in the tourist terrain of the city. The new “portal” includes extensive content on the city, downloads, photographs, 360º views, panoramic views, videos… As well as all the useful information for tourists: where to eat, where to sleep or routes to do in the visit to the city.

Toledo... It's another story.The different tourism initiatives are finally accessible on the Web for all visitors, who will be able to consult timetables, routes and guided tours in Toledo, services and descriptions of monuments. The Portal also includes a functional service called “my travel notebook” that allows you to make notes of places of interest to visit in Toledo. All this is sweetened by the music of “Ana Alcaide”, which can be heard on the home page of the website.

The Web also has an interesting service for professionals called “professional environment”, which offers resources for professionals from various sectors: journalists and graphics, tourism and marketing and advertising. The most up-to-date information completes a Portal that will soon become a reference for anyone wishing to visit the city of Toledo.