Covering for Toledo

Covering for Toledo

Covering for Toledo ” Tapeando por Toledo” reaches its third edition in 2012, trying to encourage the public and the establishments, with a combination of the most appetizing: a good beer and a good tapa, to alleviate the rigors of these summer temperatures that we have right now. From 18 May to 3 June.

Each place presents a tapa -cold or hot- to contest, including within the concept of tapa, the half-rations of any culinary elaboration.

The number of participants has been growing: in 2010 there were 42, in 2011, 51. And this time 52 establishments will participate in the capital of Toledo, spread over several areas, mainly in Casco Histórico, Santa Teresa and Santa Maria de Benquerencia and also in some other areas such as Buenavista, Avda. Europa, Santa Barbara, Ctra. de Ávila or El Valle. The price is maintained since 2010: 2 euros tapa; 1 euro more if taken with bottle or cane of Cruzcampo.

The categories of awards – consisting of a diploma specially designed for the event – this year will be three. In addition to the “Tapa Popular”, which will be selected from among the general votes made by customers participating in the route, as indicated below, there are two other categories: “Tapa Cruzcampo”, which will be selected by the School of Hospitality “Gambrinus” valuing both the pairing of the tapa with the beer and that one of its ingredients is the Cruzcampo beer itself; and also this year, as a novelty, the AHT will distinguish the tapa that for its ingredients or for its preparation, or for both issues, is more innovative. It will be the recognition that has come to be called “Hostelería de Toledo”.

This year the number of tapas that the public will have to try in order to cast a valid vote is four different ones. Among all the duly completed ballots and provided that it is a person over 18 years, there will also be a draw, as in other editions, with two prizes: the winner will receive Cruzcampo product according to age.

Tapeando por Toledo con Cruzcampo” is an initiative between the Hotel and Tourism Association of Toledo and Cruzcampo, with the collaboration of AD-Media.