XVII Tapa Days in Toledo (2016)

XVII Tapa Days in Toledo (2016)

XVII Tapa Days in Toledo (2016)XVII Tapa Days in Toledo (2016)

Inspired by Cervantes and dedicated to hunting and oil D.O. Montes de Toledo, these are the culinary bases with which the 66 gastronomic proposals are presented that can be tasted within the XVII Conference of the Toledo Tapas, organized by the Provincial Association of Hospitality in collaboration with the City Council, and will be held from 10 to 27 November, along with the third edition of “Cocktails for Toledo”.

Both initiatives were presented this Tuesday at the Consistory with the presence of the Councillor for Tourism, Rosana Rodriguez, the president of the AHT, Luis Gonzalez, the commercial manager of Coca-Cola, Arturo Villarrubia and the commercial manager of Mahou, Jaime Diaz Suelto.

Rosana Rodriguez has shown that these days are already “a must for all Toledo” after 17 years of its implementation, “who not only go to an establishment, but often make a tour of several of the members,” and are also “a tourist bonus for the city.

In this sense, he said that any tourist visiting Toledo during these days “has the opportunity” to savor the Toledo cuisine “snack to snack, cover to cover” for the “modest” price of two euros. It’s a perfect formula, he added.

On the other hand, the Councillor for Tourism has stressed that this proposal does not focus only on the Historical Center, but extends to other neighborhoods of the city, and has also congratulated the organizers for their “sense of participation”, as the best tapas of the conference are chosen by customers. “A sense of participation,” he recalled, which has been since the Gastronomic Capital began.

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Inspired by Cervantes cuisine

For his part, the president of the Provincial Association of Hospitality, Luis Gonzalez, has explained that 66 establishments adhered to these Days of the Top in Toledo, all of the capital, except one in Manzaneque. 52 are located in the Historical Center, the rest in Buenavista, Avenida de Europa, Santa Teresa or Santa Bárbara.

As Luis González has explained, this year, this “miniature cuisine” will be inspired by Cervantes cuisine, “for making a nod to the IV Centenary of Cervantes’ Death, and dedicated to oil D.O. Montes de Toledo and hunting. The price “does not change”, will be two euros.

Some examples of what may be proven: loin of wild boar with almonds and red fruits elaborated with oil of our land “cornicabra” ; thighs of pickled quail and caramelized apple called “The secret of Dulcine” ; Duelos y Quebrantos” frying pan with deer minced meat, elaborated with olive oil from the Denomination of Origin; or Exotic Manjar del Ingenioso Hidalgo, with stewed pheasant sautéed with aged wine, plums and blueberries, wrapped in piquillo peppers with its thyme aroma sauce.

Popular vote

The three best tapas, as in previous editions, will be chosen by popular vote, but there will also be an award for the innovation of techniques and elements used in their production, an award that will be given by Coca-Cola, while Mahou will distinguish the tapa that best matches beer.

In order to be able to vote, a kind of “ballot paper” will be available in the establishments, which must be stamped each time a lid adhered to the conference is consumed. When it is complete with five stamps, the consumer will be able to vote for the cover that he or she likes best. The votes received will be entered into a draw of consumption vouchers for two people.

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Cocktails by Toledo

At this press conference, the programme “Cocktails for Toledo” was also presented, which was born three years ago with the aim of “reviving” and boosting Toledo’s nightlife, as Luis González pointed out. Eleven nightclubs in Toledo have joined this initiative, which will prepare special combinations, from 10 to 26 November, at a price of four euros.

These two proposals are part of the annual program of the Gastronomic Capital, the cover, are the fifth conference organized by the Provincial Hospitality Association throughout 2016. The person in charge of Tourism has qualified them as “one of the cherries of the final stretch of the Gastronomic Year”.

Information on all tapas and participating establishments can be found at www.disfrutadetoledo.com