XIII Independent and Fantastic Film Festival of Toledo

XIII Independent and Fantastic Film Festival of Toledo

From 25 to 29 November 2009, the city of Toledo will host the XIII Muestra de Cine Independiente y Fantástico, where some of the latest cinematographic creations of this genre will be screened, with an outstanding protagonism of the short film. This year, the show will pay tribute to actor, producer and director Paul Naschy, as announced by the director of the Imagina collective and organizer of the festival, Javier Perea.
The thirteenth edition of the exhibition brings important novelties, such as the presence in " of an enormous sculpture, &lycanthropy beyond the doors". An imposing work of 2.5 tons and 3.5 meters high made by the sculptor Victor Ferrando.The show includes a short film competition, traveling shows, the screening of three premiere films, two documentaries, two concerts, a show of “The Tunnel of Terror: The Labyrinth” and a space for children with the program “The Magic Lantern.Below is the press release sent to the media: XIII Muestra de Cine Independiente y Fantástico – Toledo 2009 From 25 to 29 November A new edition of this annual competition, in which the main nucleus is the national and international audiovisual projections of films, short films and documentaries directly related to independent and fantastic cinema. Following the trajectory of previous editions, there will be diverse parallel activities in which we will be able to enjoy thematic attractions, varied tastings, theatrical representations and live music. And of course the International Competition of Fantastic Short Films and Terror "Objective Award".An edition marked by the tribute we want to pay to the Director, Actor and Scriptwriter Paul Naschy, who has given us so much support since the birth of this Film Festival and who is currently immersed in an important disease from which we all hope he can emerge.We will inaugurate on Wednesday 25 at 18 hrs. in the Toletvm, presenting the imposing kinetic sculpture of almost 4 meters high and 2.5 tons "Licantropía Beyond the Doors". A spectacular work that has been the reference of the official poster of the Exhibition and a total tribute to Paul Naschy. Again there will be the Assembly Hall of the Culturel Center of Caja Castilla-La Mancha for the projections "Premier" in 35 mm.., as Infestation and Home, the projections of the short films Manchegos "Hecho en Castilla-La Mancha", a special session open to all the public of La Linterna Mágica and the concert of "Labuat" for Saturday evening.As a novelty for this edition, the extraordinary Toletvm facilities will be available, where there will be a wide and varied programme of screenings and activities, which will take place almost constantly during the five days of the Exhibition. We indicate a progress of what is planned in this space as the main center for the development of activities:Innovative screenings such as the apocalyptic " the premiere of the animated film "The Samurai without a Name" the biographical documentary of Narciso Ibáñez Menta and the special sessions of Paul Naschy: Latidos de Pánico and La Bestia y la Espada Mágica, including his documentary "La Sonrisa del Lobo", filmed entirely in Toledo.In three sessions, the finalist short films of the International Short Film Contest will be screened, 35 works selected from 72 submitted. It is one of the highlights, as the level is really important, certainly the best in terms of quantity and quality. In parallel activities, there will be live music with the groups: La Víbora Lagarta, Koma, Drum Cat and the Flamenco Trio Matices. A photographic exhibition of "Moralba", varied parties such as the Pincho Moruno, a Tunnel of Terror and for Sunday theater and children’s workshop that will end in a tasting of migas. In the closing session Juan Muñoz (Cruz y Raya) will perform and the prizes will be awarded to the winning Short Films with their subsequent screening.

Programme with all activities: www.toletvm.es

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