Concert in Toledo by Sphera AntiQva and Enrico Onofri

Concert in Toledo by Sphera AntiQva and Enrico Onofri

Interesting article about the concert of Sphera AntiQva last October 16th in the auditorium of CCM. 

Below we offer, thanks to Antonio Illán, the article that Pedro I. Toscani published in “El Día de Toledo” last October 22nd on the occasion of the Sphera AntiQva concert that we have already announced on this website:

SPHERA ANTIQVA Y ENRICO ONOFRI CONQUISTAN LOS TOLEDANOS After following Sphera AntiQva on National Radio, in “Música sobre la marcha”, I grew anxious to see and hear the orchestra live that same Friday afternoon in the CCM auditorium in Toledo. It was worth it. It was a memorable concert that enchanted the large audience. The Childhood of Classicism -this was the name of the program- was the delight of those present, who applauded with passion. The orchestra played two encores and the conductor, Enrico Onofri, went out half a dozen times to greet. Concerts of this level give prestige to those who organize them, the City Council in this case, and to the people who enjoy them. The works, unusual in the repertoires, typical of the moment in which the classic style is gestated, suppose a risk that only can assume orchestras that, to their excellent technical preparation, add the investigation of the sources, the knowledge and respect to the interpretation with historicist criterion and the idea of extending the musical culture beyond the easy and known thing. This is what Sphera AntiQva has been doing since its beginnings in Toledo in 2007. The experience of this concert confirms that it is a super-professional formation of the highest level, with magnificent artists in all the lecterns, from the first to the last. Galuppi’s “Concerto No. 3”, Giovanni B. Sammartini’s “Symphony in A major”, Giuseppe Sammartini’s “Concerto No. 3”, “Symphony No. 5 in E flat major”, Mozart’s “Divertimento in D major” and “Symphony No. 10 in G major” composed a musical mosaic that grew in brilliance. Special mention must be made of Mozart’s well-known Divertimento, interpreted as if it were operatic music, with continuous changes of character, in the way of the characters, solving the most difficult passages in a very virtuous way. Very significant was the musical dialogue established in the solos by the concertmaster, Pablo Gutiérrez, and the soloists, Javier U. Illán and Alejandro Marías, a marvel of communication and sensitive complicity. The presence of the harpsichord with its very accurate registers, such as the delicate lute on the pianos, was noticeable. Likewise, the wind instruments impastoed to perfection with the string and enhanced the brilliance of the works. The good acoustic conditions of the room, undoubtedly the best in Toledo for music, allow -value the example of Mozart’s Symphonies- that the intensity of the dynamics was very great, being able to pass in a short space of time from the pianos more pianísimos to the phrases forte of great sonority. The conductor, Enrico Onofri, with an absolute musical maturity, made a rigorous interpretation, fresh, full of nuances, with strength and exquisite sensitivity that transmitted emotions in each gesture. He knows how to brighten up the repertoire and the musicians who give themselves to him with passion. We saw him enjoying himself as a child leading Sphera AntiQva, with whom he maintained an evident complicity. I would say, since we had him in Toledo, that his direction was “marzipan”. Let’s hope that this Culturel, pedagogical and musical project that is Sphera AntiQva, which is based on study and quality and taking care of everything in detail, has support and continuity and that, in its land of origin, it is valued as the spectators did and as it is already valued in many other places. Pedro I. Toscani


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Enrico Onofri, a world specialist in historicist interpretation, will lead Sphera AntiQva to tackle an interesting programme representative of the gestation stage of classicism, in which he brings together some of the most representative composers of this musical stage, such as Galuppi, Mozart or the Sammartini brothers.

PROGRAM (October 16, 2009, CCM auditorium in Toledo) Baldassarre Galuppi

Concert nº3 in D major for strings and basso continuo

G. Battista Sammartini

Concert No. 3 in G minor for strings and continuo

W. A. Mozart

Symphony nº5 in B flat Major for 2 oboes, 2 horns and strings