Lux Greco Toledo 2012

Lux Greco Toledo 2012

Lux Greco Toledo 2012

Download in this link the complete program “Lux Greco 2012” in PDF. (Source: Toledo Tourism)

Press release from the Town Hall (06-07-12): El Miradero and El Rojas are added to the Cathedral as stages for Lux Greco 2012, to be held on 13, 14, 20 and 21 July

One of the magnificent panoramic views of José María Moreno Santiago – Tavera 2011 (click here for more)



On 13, 14, 20 and 21 July 2012 will be held in Toledo the fourth edition of this show dedicated to El Greco and will flood the city with light, music and magic.

” Toledo: Lux Greco” is a monumental spectacle based on the work of El Greco and which kicks off the future celebration of his IV Centenary in 2014.

Lux Greco Toledo 2012

Some examples from the show 2009 and 2010:


Lux Greco Toledo 2012

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Sara Hidalgo Villamor sends us two articles about Lux Greco published in press with a magnificent photo of her property: and

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