New Tourist Web Portal for Castilla-La Mancha

New Tourist Web Portal for Castilla-La Mancha

New Tourist Web Portal for Castilla-La ManchaFollowing the stylistic guidelines defined by the logo designed last year, and the slogan “Discover and Feel“, the Board presents a renewed Tourism Web Portal, appropriate to the times that run on the Web, the current patterns of usability and design.

The Portal accumulates enormous information that can be consulted online or downloaded in PDF, in addition to numerous graphic and multimedia resources. It is worth highlighting the important presence of the city of Toledo, with extensive information.

One of the most outstanding aspects is the integration of an “interactive map of Castilla-La Mancha”, which using the technology of “GoogleMaps” locates different tourist resources and services of the Region.


The rest of services are the usual of this type of Portals: search engines, news, information about places, nature, restaurants, accommodation, museums, routes…

Very interesting is the extensive database of restaurants, hotels and hostels, and tourist services that the Portal includes, unique in the entire region.

We miss the participation of the visitor, with his contributions, his routes, his valuations (the most visited, the most valued…) As a “social network” that would perhaps provide an interesting point integrated within what is now defined as “Web 2.0” and which is still a pending task in so many other Portals of the Administration.

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We also miss the ability to distribute content. Although it integrates an interesting service of “Newsletter “informative, we could say that this technology is in marked retrocession in favor of syndication systems [[[ RSS]]]., or a “[[widgets]]” system that would allow the inclusion of information from this Web in other Web portals or Blogs about the Region, which would increase the visits to this new Web. And of course, a good selection of links to Web sites about the Region, that we are not few…

As for contents, being these very extensive and informative, it would not be more than an agenda of tourist events at Regional level, in addition to a necessary section of news related to tourism, culture, heritage, etc., since Castilla-La Mancha gives for it.

Apart from these slight points, in everything else, our congratulations on the initiative, which, as always in these cases, was very necessary.

When will something like this happen in the city of Toledo ? Proudly Presents