XII Festival of the Castle of PeƱas Negras de Mora (toledo)

XII Festival of the Castle of PeƱas Negras de Mora (toledo)

XII Festival of the Castle of Peñas Negras de Mora (toledo)

The spectacle is articulated in a route by the environment and the interior of the castle along which the scenes will be happening. It pretends to be an aesthetic suggestion that uses theatrical artistic stimuli, musicals, dance, video projection, puppets-created expressly for the festival-… that invites different readings.

The spectator will come across, in the first acts, whimsical beings that give origin to Nature, the Lords of Time, makers of the creatures of the world, who are born in the second scene. In the successive scenes they will be able to contemplate the birth of intelligence and its use to do good -light- and to do evil – darkness-.

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Alquimia is born every year with renewed scenes thanks to the participation of the members of associations and cultural groups of the locality of Mora (Toledo) that have not abandoned the Association Castillo de Peñas Negras in this dream of twelve years.

Approximately 1,000 people visit it every year, a significant figure if one takes into account the difficulty of access to the area.

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