Toledan Night 2012. 25 hours of activities in Toledo

Toledan Night 2012. 25 hours of activities in Toledo

Toledan Night 2012. 25 hours of activities in Toledo

Programme of activities organised by Toledo City Council in collaboration with associations, entities and institutions for the “Toledana Night 2012”. 25 and 26 May 2012 to commemorate the XXV Anniversary of Toledo’s inclusion in the list of World Heritage Cities.

Programmed activities:

Index of Contents

Friday, day 25

17:30: Series of conferences on architecture: “architects-30 competitions”

20:30: Choirs: Sixes – Silica – Saramago – La Roda- Conservatory J.Guerrero. San Juan de los Reyes

20:30: Victoria de Ancos Lyric Concert and María Callas Lyric Group Museum of the Concilios Church of San Román

19:00: Performance Art School; sculpture on the Greco Paseo del Tránsito

19:00: Exhibition “Toledo in the Future. Photographs of Architecture” by the Association of Photographers of Toledo. College of Architects – Santa Ursula 11

20:00 – 0:00: Museums open at night:

Exhibition “XXV years of Toledano heritage” (Closing) S.I. Catedral Primada, Museo del Ejército, Museo de Santa Cruz, Museo de los Concilios, Museo del Greco, Museo Sefardí and Museo Victorio Macho (Real Fundación Toledo)

19:00: Musical Corners : Concert by Students of the “Diego Ortiz” Municipal School of Music College of Architects. Patio College of Architects – Santa Ursula 11

20:30 Toledo Chamber Orchestra Museo del Ejército – Alcázar

20:30 to 23:30: Organ concert by: Félix González-Mohíno Bartolomé

  • Organ concert by D. Ángel Redondo Segovia
  • Organ concert by D. Juan José Montero Ruiz
  • Organ concert by D. Jaime de León Gómez S.I. Catedral Primada.

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21:00 to 23:00: Dramatizations Alfonso VI – Courtship of the kingdom of Taifa with King on horseback, musicians and dancers Pasacalles Puerta Sol – Patio de Armas Puerta de Bisagra y Tavera.

19:00-22:00: Heritage exhibition of the I E S el Greco de Toledo

20:00 Poetic Recital “La Peñuela Teatro” BANK OF POEMAS Sephardic Museum

22:00 Concert Duo Menorah (guitar and voice) Museo del Greco

20:00 – 00:00 “Urban Spells” exhibition: Hip-Hop, Rap, Break-Dance… Plaza del Salvador

20:00 Theatre “El retablo del espejo”, by Radioteatro El experimento Romera Martín Gamero – Hoja blanca

22:00 Singer-songwriter Anabel Pacheco Martín Gamero’s Recital – White leaf

19:00 – 23:00 Exhibition of “Essential Documents from the Municipal Archive” Municipal Archive of Toledo

19:00: Walk through Toledo by Alfonso X the Wise, meeting point Casa del Mapa in Zocodover. Toledo World Heritage Site, meeting point stairs Archbishop’s Palace, 50 seats.

23:00: Toledo heritage of Sepharad, meeting point stairs of the Archbishop’s palace, maximum 50 seats

00:00: Legends night, meeting point, stairs of the Archbishop’s Palace, maximum 50 seats

Registration is required at the municipal tourism offices, Town Hall square or by calling 925 25 40 30


22:30 to 02:00: The illusion of the Socco – Maping on the façade of the CCM building, in successive passes. Zocodover.

17:00: Great Mural Photo Installation (Association of Photographers) San Marcos exterior wall

Saturday, day 26

01:00 – 09:00 Live Music and Leisure: “Mooarea” different environments: concerts, DJ, drinks, rest area… Gardens Low Alcazar (swimming pool) Dimensioned space with security

10:00 – 14:00 Guided Visits by Archaeologists – Roman Circus, for adults and children simultaneously every hour groups of 15 people Tel. Inscription 925 254030

11:00 Exhibition of kites if weather conditions allow it Terrenos del Sepes – Polígono contact area

09:30 – 13:00 Gathering of Bands – Routes through the city Streets of the Historical Quarter

11:00 Toledo Band Concert, simultaneously Plaza del Ayuntamiento

11:00 – 13:30 Children’s Workshops on historical themes Hinge Gate and Alfonso VI Gate

11:00 – 14:30 Musicians in the Street: keyboard viola, double bass, accordion, violin Arco de Palacio, Arco de la Sangre, C/ Cardenal Cisneros and Plaza Amador de los Ríos

17:00 – 22:00: Chelos Duo, 20-minute performances and 10-minute breaks. Table Room. RABACH.

C/ Esteban Illán.

12:00 – 16:30 Piano concert by the students of the Conservatory and the School of Music “Diego Ortiz”, uninterruptedly Plaza del Zocodover

20:30 Symphonic Band, from Toledo Closing concert of the acts of the Toledana Night. Army Museum- Alcázar

*WARNING: The information provided here may vary. Consult the original information in the Town Hall.

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Toledan Night 2012. 25 hours of activities in Toledo

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