You're on a route with "Hidden and Secret Toledo"?

You’re on a route with “Hidden and Secret Toledo”?

Toledo Oculto y Secreto is a project that goes far beyond just publishing one book. We have many other things in mind. Some have already passed, such as the conference at the Museo del Greco and others are to come. On Saturday 26 May you will have the opportunity to join us for a walk around Toledo to learn more about Toledospain’s photographic technique.

“”Toledo Spain” in collaboration with the authors of “Toledo Oculto y Secreto”” (Hidden and Secret Toledo) presents a unique walk through the historic centre of Toledo, in which you can get to know some of the secrets hidden behind walls, doors and windows and above all listen to the photographic advice used by Toledospain to take photographs such as those that accompany this text. Only next Saturday 26 May.

What do we want with this route-photowalk?

What we propose here is not a route that is usually carried out in “Toledo Spain”. It is something different: a walk through the city with different stops (from viewpoints in the city, corners that are not usually travelled through…) during which we will listen to the explanations of the photographer Toledospain. Participants should (if they wish) bring their own photographic equipment to experiment with the indications given during the route. Anyone who wants to can then share the photographs on the wall of “Toledo Hidden and Secret“, with more than 2000 followers.

An event organised by “Toledo Spain” and “Toledo Oculto y Secreto” in which you can accompany Toledospain on a route or walk through the historic centre of Toledo listening to explanations on how to make the most of photographic equipment.

ToledoSpain will tell us how to make the most of photographic resources to take photographs such as those you can see on its website ( or in the project “Toledo Oculto y Secreto” (Hidden and Secret Toledo).


Who can attend this route?

Anyone interested in the project “Toledo Oculto y Secreto” (we’ll also tell you some anecdotes that came up during the project and we’ll show you photographs that we’ve never published before) and anyone interested in the world of photography.

Is there access somewhere?

We will invite you to something on a terrace with magnificent views and we will surely prepare some more surprises…

Is it necessary to have any special photographic equipment?

We recommend carrying a reflex camera, tripod, flash…, and everything you can load on it. If you have a compact camera, but you want to learn how to use it better, you can also come. And if you don’t have anything, you’re sure to have a great time in our company.


Saturday 26 May at 20:30. It’s a 3 hour journey. The starting point is confirmed by purchasing tickets at the office of “Toledo Spain” (here) It is necessary to book through this website indicating in the form “Ruta Especial” and in the message “Toledo Oculto y Secreto”.

How much?

The price is 25 € per person. Why is this route more expensive than others? Because it is a very special kind of photography, in a magnificent setting, going through corners and alleys of the city and accessing at least one exclusive space: the price includes a free drink for each person on a terrace with an incredible night panoramic view of the city. Part of the entrance fee will go to finance new “madness” by the authors of “Toledo Oculto y Secreto”…

You're on a route with "Hidden and Secret Toledo"?