From Toledan graffiti to panoramic photography

From Toledan graffiti to panoramic photography

Toledo is a mirror in which to contemplate the passing of history. Sometimes, with just a stroll through its streets, we discover traces that for centuries have remained on its walls, in its monuments…, or small details that indicate great events and the fact that thousands of people wandered through these streets before us.

For some little secret was the signature that the famous Sevillian author Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer left on the cover of the Convent of San Clemente. Not long ago we had the opportunity to photograph this “signature” for our project:

From Toledan graffiti to panoramic photography

Time is notably affecting the curious “pintada” made around 1857 (as Manuel Palencia indicates in a detailed article in “El” ), although it was also initially discovered in the routes offered by Luis Rodríguez Bausá in the 80s due to the mention made by Juan Moraleda and Esteban and others in 1915… It is not the only one that left its name there because there are numerous examples all over Toledo that we will reveal in our future publication and that we will find in different corners of the city.

Update 21/03/12: Eduardo Sánchez’s blog “Toledo Olvidado”, which we have talked about so many times in these pages, has published an interesting research that certifies through photographic dating that graphite already existed at the end of the 19th century, so it is not a forgery, as other studies have also shown. Go here to Toledo Olvidado.

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Last March 8 I had the opportunity, invited by Javier Ruiz, to share some of these discoveries in the program “Toledo en la Onda” of Onda Cero Radio (listen here, about minute 54) or in the following player:

Unique spaces, sometimes not accessible or visitable at certain times of the year…, another of the objectives of our publication.

Images that we have rarely seen published, because they are made from privileged spaces, private…

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