We need your help to make "Hidden and Secret Toledo" a book.

We need your help to make “Hidden and Secret Toledo” a book.

We need your help to make "Hidden and Secret Toledo" a book.

These are complicated times to publish a book… Since a year ago Toledospain and Juan Luis Alonso we started a project with the aim of showing a different way of knowing Toledo. Among many other initiatives included in the project “Toledo Oculto y Secreto“, we want to put “on paper” our experiences and some of the photographs taken by David in these months. And for that we need your help. Today Friday 14 at 18 hours we begin the search for “patrons” that make possible that “Toledo Oculto y Secreto”, the book, sees the light. In this link you can collaborate or continue reading for more information.

  How can I help you?

We are looking for sponsors. On Friday 14 September we started a project of “micromatronage”, “mass financing” or “crowdfunding”, which aims to raise € 12,000 among all those who want to contribute to the Web Verkami (link) with the aim of addressing the layout and printing of the book “Toledo Oculto y Secreto”.

There are different “rewards” starting from €6. The way to “collaborate” is by accessing this website, and on the page of our project select one of the rewards and pay with a credit card. Until we reach the figure we have “requested” (12,000 €) and we need to pay for the edition of the book, you will not be charged anything. If in 40 days this amount is not reached, you will not be charged anything (until 24 October). 

What is a reward?

It’s something we offer, always related to the project, for a certain amount of € you can contribute. They range from 6 € (two photos 20×30), through the 20 € (cost of 1 book and mention in it), to higher figures with more rewards (postcards, plates, routes, a limited edition of the book in hard cover, etc.). With the sum of these contributions in exchange for the rewards is intended to reach 12,000 € in 40 days that the campaign lasts.