" Hidden and Secret Toledo" Marathon.

” Hidden and Secret Toledo” Marathon.

Alcantara Tower

Again the views from the top of its tower are breathtaking, including the Alcazar, San Servando Castle, the bridge itself or the Tagus ford.

Already in the afternoon, and thanks to Father Carlos, who guided us, we entered the Church and Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, one of the greatest monuments and treasures preserved in Toledo, despite having been badly treated by history, as it suffered serious damage during the French invasion and was practically rebuilt in the nineteenth century:

The current access to the Church and cloister is part of the original Sacristy, and above the entrance door we find this curious sculpture, which can be read: “EXPECT DONEC VENIAT IMMUTATIO MEA JOBN4” (Book of Job, 14: “I wait until my transformation comes” )

The magnificent garden preserved by the monastery and its views make this space a haven of peace in the heart of Toledo’s historic centre:

Around 7pm we finish this intense marathon of “Toledo Oculto y Secreto“, not before capturing the sunset from some corner: