What does the Jewry of Toledo hide?

What does the Jewry of Toledo hide?

In the project “Toledo Oculto y Secreto” (Hidden and Secret Toledo) we have been practically three weeks without abandoning what was one of the biggest Jewish quarters in the West, until the dramatic expulsion in 1492. This interesting space that occupied a tenth of the city towards the west is discovering us numerous “secrets” that we are sharing during the last three weeks.

We can assure you that we are discovering very interesting spaces in numerous buildings in this neighborhood…

What does the Jewry of Toledo hide? Victorio Macho Museum

We were able to access some interesting spaces in the Hotel San Juan de los Reyes and contemplate magnificent views from their rooms:


The Toledo School of Art also opened its doors to show us the wonders hidden behind its walls.

What does the Jewry of Toledo hide? Greenhouse of the Toledo School of Arts

This past week the blog “Pleasures and more” conducted an interview in which you can discover a little more about our project. We leave you this link.

Very soon we will be able to share many more “secrets” with all of you thanks to the initiative of the Museo del Greco “Cultura en las Redes“. We have been invited to inaugurate this series of conferences on Toledan themes that aim to show initiatives to promote the culture, history, photography, art… of the city on the Net. In our case we will present a selection of more than 50 photographs and videos that we have collected since the beginning of the project, many of them unpublished. We recommend that you arrive on 2 February at 7 p.m. at the glass pavilion of the museum in good time, as access is free of charge until capacity is reached (around 60 people).

You can follow the project and discover more images at http://www.toledosecreto.es