Night route through sinister Toledo: Enchanted houses, mysteries, ghosts and exorcisms

Night route through sinister Toledo: Enchanted houses, mysteries, ghosts and exorcisms

You won’t know Toledo if you don’t enjoy it at night. In numerous occasions we have commented it in these pages. Among the many things you can do during the night in this mysterious city, the routes through its streets and corners stand out. Today we are going on a nocturnal route through Toledo: “Toledo Siniestro: casas y Places encantados”

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In this article I show and analyze the night route offered by the company “ Guides”.The route, called “Toledo Siniestro: casas y Places encantados” (Sinister Toledo: houses and enchanted places) begins at 9 pm, after the reservation previously made on its website. At least half an hour before you have to pay the route through his office, located in the street Sixto Ramon Parro, 9 in a curious patio Toledo. Already in the street and after the presentation of our guide, with much punctuality to the 21 hours the route begins. At least thirty people are part of the group, coming from all over Spain.

On this route don’t look for extensive and educated historical explanations and descriptions of monuments… This is different. This route tries to discover us narrations of the “popular knowledge”, enchanted houses, diabolic possessions, myths and legends… That “invisible world” that also passes by the paved streets, accompanying the inhabitants of the city, sometimes more than desired.

The presentation of the tour and its narrator really begins very close to the Cathedral’s Plain Door. With a mysterious tone, the route is presented, the characteristics of the route and the participant is introduced to the magical environment that a nocturnal route through the city entails. It is probable that they speak to us of goblins, enchantments and enchanted houses, poltergeist phenomena…

It is not a route “to the use” of those offered in Toledo, of history, of monuments or of visits to known buildings. Something else is offered here.

After an intense day of heat in June, we enjoyed a walk through the cool streets of Toledo, sometimes accompanied by a breeze that makes more bearable the frequent ups and downs of the neighborhood of San Miguel, to which we go… In some of these locations the guide stops to narrate, offering documentation of what he narrates and surprising us with the stories that, according to him, have been found not long ago in the historical press or in archives that until now had not seen the light, since it is also the task of this company to recover forgotten stories about Toledo.

The route, after several stops, ends in a magnificent viewpoint where we contemplate how the night has already fallen on Toledo. Some of the attendees have been so impressed that they do not hesitate to book another route for the next day, different from the one they have made today.

In my opinion, as an attendee to numerous routes of all styles through Toledo, I believe that “ Guides” offers an innovative service, curious and far removed from other types of routes offered by Toledo, providing certain data historically contrasted with intense additions of the esoteric tradition that treasures the city of Toledo.

I have to say that on this occasion the route “became short”, and it is not that two hours kicking the city on a Friday night in June is little, but that the contributions made by the guide made this route a brief experience despite the time and entertaining for a better knowledge of certain mysterious events happened (or not) in the narrow streets of the city and its properties.

If you visit the city, recommended. A different experience.

Soon we will offer a video recorded during the route.


Organizing company: Guides

Price: 12 euros per person.

Duration: 2 hours approximately.

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