Fair and Festivals 2010 in honor of the Virgen del Sagrario

Fair and Festivals 2010 in honor of the Virgen del Sagrario

Fair and Festivals 2010 in honor of the Virgen del SagrarioWith the arrival of August Toledo celebrates its Patron Saint Festivities. In this article you can access the complete programme of activities prepared by the Town Hall by clicking on “read more”.

The official opening of the Fair and Fiestas de la Virgen del Sagrario 2010 will be on Friday 13 August with a parade that will leave from the Town Hall Square to the Paseo de Merchán. At half past ten at night will open the fairgrounds of La Peraleda with fireworks, followed by the concert of “Formula V” and “Twenty-one.

The rest of the concert line-up is made up of the groups “Def con Dos”, “L.S.M” and “Ultimatum”, which will perform on the 14th in La Peraleda; on the 15th the Festival “Agrupa 2” will be held with performances by “Saratoga”, “Santelmo”, “Latem Yvaeah” and “Hatecode”. On Monday 16th it will be the turn of “El desván del Duende” followed by Discoteca Hook. Close the musical program “O’Funkillo”, “Victimas del Jaüs” and “The Fatty Farmers”, which will perform on Tuesday 17.

The programme also includes activities for children such as magic shows, storytelling, workshops, multi-adventure games and excursions to the municipal swimming pool.

There will also be the mascletá and the Baile del Refresquito (Refresquito Dance) on the 15th in the Town Hall Square. To this program must be added the activities organized from the Department of Culture as the summer concert series “Music of the Three Cultures” or the XIII Jazz Festival “City of Toledo”.

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The traditional religious acts are maintained in their date and form, highlighting the Pontifical Mass on August 15. On this day, in the atrium of the Cathedral, you will be able to drink the Virgin’s water in the typical botijos, as tradition dictates that you can read in these pages.

For these days, the Town Hall also organises numerous activities in the “la Peraleda” fairground, children’s activities and street parties in the “paseo de la Vega”, sports events or traditional music. All in all, numerous activities that give shape to the programme of festivities that can be consulted below:

Celebration programme – Toledo City Council

Winning poster: Gonzalo Rodríguez – Fuente: Toledo City Council