The Blog "El Miradero" tomorrow at the Museo del Greco

The Blog “El Miradero” tomorrow at the Museo del Greco

In April the Museum dedicates the Project “Culture in the Networks” to the blog “”, born just a few months ago as heir to “The blog of Francisco Javier Martín Fernández”. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 11 April at 7 p.m. in the Museum’s conference room.

The blog has a triple objective:


To share its collection of photographs of the city of Toledo, taken from 2009 to the present day and numbering 5,000.

These photographs are distributed and shared over the Internet under a Creative Commons licence, which allows them to be used freely and free of charge, thus allowing them to be used in a variety of publications and websites, both national and foreign.

Among the institutions that have made use of the photos are the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Historical Sciences of Toledo and the University of Castilla-La Mancha.


To publish articles on the history of Toledo, its heritage or its historical figures, using the most diverse sources possible and, in particular, the least known.

These articles sometimes form a series dedicated to a specific theme, such as: cinema and Toledo, the siege of the Alcazar, Juanelo Turriano, Cardinal Cisneros, the History of the Inquisition or the cities twinned with Toledo.

On other occasions they are loose articles, such as those dedicated to María Pacheco, the History and tradition of the Toledo marzipan, the church of San Román or the handcrafted manufacture of swords in the Arms Factory.

The third

The objective of the blog is to publish critical or denouncing articles on various current issues affecting Toledo, its conservation, its heritage or its urbanism, always respecting the maxim of being loyal to the city and avoiding any kind of political intention or convenient accommodation.

Thus, for example, those dedicated to denouncing architectural barriers, poor conservation of monuments, streets wit