Visit Toledo

Visit Toledo

In these pages on numerous occasions we have stated that Toledo well deserves more than a visit of a single day. Spending one or more nights in this city is an experience that is difficult to match in any other.

The festive “bridges” that include one or more days of holidays are an exceptional occasion to get to know “the other Toledo”.

In this article we offer some suggestions for a weekend visit (including Friday) to the city of Toledo.

First of all, it is interesting to know the time you are going to do in the city. If it is not vital, since many of the visits are made under cover, it is important to walk the famous streets. Click here to access.

Given the historical and monumental character of the city, it is sometimes interesting to read something about Toledo. Visit our extensive showcase of books and choose one, especially those that talk about legends, history or monument guides.

It is also useful, although sometimes not necessary, to check availability and book a hotel in the city, based on the budget allocated. We advise you not to take risks (although something can always be found, even in the surrounding villages), not to risk traveling to the city “to the adventure” especially on key dates, such as bridges or festivals in the city (Corpus, Easter…)

Getting to Toledo is not complicated. From Madrid, on AVE or by road (there is a free and toll motorway). Also several bus lines arrive to the city from the capital and from all the provinces of the Region.

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Once in the city, we recommend the “obligatory” daytime visits, to the best known monuments : Cathedral, museums, etc., hiring this type of routes through the city with an official guide. You will obtain more information in the tourist information offices arranged in several points of the city, among them in the ground floor of the Town Hall, in the square of the same name. All the information for a visit to Toledo can be found in this article: What to see in Toledo. A brief guide to travel to the Imperial City.

You can also do these visits for free (also free tour style), with a printed guide in hand. If it’s your choice, don’t forget to visit the routes through the recovered monuments organized by the Toledo City Consortium.

You will be able to visit Roman thermal baths, Arab baths…, that not long ago were hidden for the visits. (See route “Toledo underground” )

A good meal (or not so good, depending on the budget), a short nap, because you don’t have to waste much time. And in the afternoon, after a walk through the typical streets (I advise you to let yourself go and “get lost” in the Jewish quarter or in the intricate labyrinth of streets).

Later we will hire a company that will allow us to visit the other know Toledo, the “Hidden Toledo” as some have called it, and that, at nightfall, will give us a very different vision of what the “Imperial City” is.

More information about these companies in the article Companies of routes, walks and guides in Toledo. The routes are not usually excessively expensive and it is an experience that will not be easily forgotten. In some cases, dinner is also included. Check with several companies or visit their pages to assess the offer.

Toledo Cathedral (Cloister)

Photo “El Pei” – Toledo Cathedral (Cloister) on

It is advisable to make these routes or walks on different days, as they are usually quite intense and some last up to two, three and four hours.

The “hull” of Toledo is not very big but it is a constant happening of ups and downs, in streets quite mistreated, so we recommend wearing good sports shoes and devoting at least two days to make these routes.

And after the intense Culturel days, nothing better than a night of relaxation in the numerous “pubs” and bars of the city. In the area of the helmet there are interesting proposals, we emphasize the abundant tapas of the “Juniper”, in front of the Museum of Santa Cruz.

But we leave the “discovery” of this wide offer to the visitor’s expertise.

Don’t miss the atmosphere of the Santa Teresa neighbourhood on a Friday or Saturday night (Plaza de Cuba). Read more in the article we dedicated to “salir de copas”

Visit Toledo

Panoramic Photo from the Valley Toledo

You can’t leave Toledo without going through the “Ronda del Valle” . The point of the city where you can see an unforgettable panoramic view. If photography is your thing, don’t forget the camera. Take a look at some examples: HDR” photographs of Toledo

Visit Toledo

Photo: eduardoasb on Flickr.