Tourist Guides and professional intruders

Tourist Guides and professional intruders

A few days ago we published an article in which we listed some companies that offer tourist services in the city of Toledo. Today we read in the press a news item that could affect the work that these companies do.

According to various articles published today, and which we list below:

– “Local Police will pursue intrusion into Toledo’s tourist guides”

– GUIDELINES AND INTRUSISM. Cabanillas: “The problem is to know if all Toledo is heritage or not” The director general of Tourism and Crafts says “seek the collaboration of the Police” to help the inspectors of the Ministry of Industry in fulfilling their duties

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{mosgoogle}And given that in the previous article about the companies that offer services to tourists (mainly walks and night routes around the city), a series of interventions were made in the comments against and in favour of these companies, very focused on a particular company, I would like in this brief news to open a turn of participation in the comments to know the opinion of our visitors regarding this news published today, answering mainly to these questions:


– Do these types of tourism businesses benefit the city of Toledo?

– Will the agreement signed between Toledo City Council and the Department of Industry and Tourism influence the services provided by these companies?

From these pages we publish the previous article without wanting to harm the tourist guides of the city of Toledo who perform their work in an exceptional way, and only as an incentive to visit the city of Toledo, as a service that certain very young companies provide, largely during the nights, when all the monuments and the bulk of tourists are already in their hotels, and we consider that it is interesting for the tourist dynamization of Toledo…

We do not intend in these pages to argue with this issue, only to know the opinion of our visitors, and very possibly, this local issue matters rather little to much of you, who seek to make your visit to the city in the best possible way. 

We sincerely hope that these initiatives will always offer and ensure a higher quality of tourism for the city.

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