I National Congress "City of Toledo" : The world of the occult, magic and mystery (2009 edition)

I National Congress “City of Toledo” : The world of the occult, magic and mystery (2009 edition)

The Culturel association Ars Toletana, taking up an old initiative that gave rise to the mythical congress “Magic and Heterodox Toledo”, and invoking that medieval and legendary Toledo, seat of Magic Arts and Esoteric Tradition, now has the pleasure of presenting the “National Congress City of Toledo: the World of the Hidden, Magic, and Mystery”.

I National Congress "City of Toledo" : The world of the occult, magic and mystery (2009 edition)Completion dates: MARCH 14 and 15, 2009.

Place: Salón de congresos del Centro Culturel de Caja Castilla-La Mancha – C/ Talavera de La Reina 22, Toledo.

What details the organization of this interesting event is as follows:

As a result of the activity of the Order of the Hidden Toledo, centred on carrying out nocturnal strolls through the Magic Toledo, and thus disseminating with rigor and enthusiasm the themes of Esotericism and The Hidden Sciences, we knew and followed in this eagerness a considerable number of people from all over the peninsula who were enthusiastic about the themes of the Mystery. That is why we decided to organize a National Congress, not only with the intention of satisfying this demand, but also knowing the important tradition that our city has behind it as far as heterodox subjects are concerned. Toledo in its history, is plagued with books, characters and Culturel periods that are reference points in the study of Hermetic Knowledge, and even today, can be considered place of research that bring to light important findings that never cease to surprise.

Taking as a reference the longed for Congress of Magical Toledo and Heterodoxo, we want to accommodate every two years, the most representative figures of the national and international scene and thus continue to provide answers to a world sometimes misunderstood, so that the great enigmas of man can be debated in a scenario of openness and shared knowledge. This is how this initiative was born, this is the essence of this event, this is the scenario we offer you, a labyrinth full of secrets now unveiled.

It is our desire to make the Magical Toledo, a national reference of those issues that not only offer an alternative perspective to our reality, but also open the possibilities of investigating and awakening a dormant consciousness.

The Order of the Hidden Toledo, tracing the trail of magicians, astrologers and alchemists, tries to claim the study and interiorization of those arcane knowledge that have been so forgotten and that were even considered forbidden or demonic. A city in which references to Templars, schools of High Magic or the permanence of relics such as the Table of Solomon abound, seems to be the ideal setting to recover its magic capital.
It is our responsibility not only not to demonize these issues, but also to dispense with any sensationalism so abundant in our modern audiovisual age, so seriousness and depth will be an unquestionable motto in all the events organized by the OTO (ORDER OF THE HIDDEN TOLEDO). We will put the necessary zeal to obtain this task, you can be sure of it.

I’m sure you’re also interested: La tertulia de los muertos, legend of Toledo Cathedral.

For all this we offer you our hospitality, to you who are looking for a cooking not limited by conventions or official and sometimes imposed versions, to you who intuit that behind this veil of appearance prevails an invisible universe that surrounds and envelops us.


Henry of Vincent.

Journalist and writer. He directs the international magazine Año Cero. A key figure in the world of Spanish mystery and one of the best experts in para-scientific subjects. Brilliant lecturer, he will surprise us with a paper that will not only expose the hidden powers of the mind, but also, we will be able to be protagonists of a telepathic practice in the room.

Our expert will try to answer the question, is mental communication possible? To what extent can one train? What possibilities does this capability entail?

Title of your lecture: “Telepathy: Is communication through thought possible?” (This will include a practice on the subject).

Reference books:

-The Hidden Powers Of The Mind.

-The Faces Of Eva.

-Hidden Keys Of The Da Vinci Code.

Father José Antonio Fortea.

Exorcist priest. In his presentation he will reveal the most significant cases as an exorcist, an activity that was thought obsolete but that in the XXI century, not only continues to be valid, but is considered a need of the Church given the growing number of possessed. How is evil manifested? How is an exorcism carried out? Who can the evil one attack? A conference that forces us to open our sights to a possibility that overwhelms and disturbs.

Title of his lecture: “Exorcism: a struggle with the powers of Darkness”.

Reference books:


-Ecclesia Futura.

-Inquisitors Manual.

-Basque Oedipus.

-Memories Of The Last Grand Master Templar.

-History Of The Second Secession Of The United States Of America.

-Cyclus Apocalypticus.

-Memories Of An Exorcist.

Fernando Sánchez Dragó.

Writer and journalist, winner of the Planet and National Literature Prize.   It is for

above all controversy, an intellectual reference of critical thinking.

On this occasion he shows off his knowledge of Toledo by referring from an alternative point of view to the fundamental myth of our city, La Cueva De Hércules, a key legend with the greatest reference to esoteric and symbolic elements, now analysed from a new perspective.

Title of his lecture: “” The Cave of Hercules and other Chakras of the Iberian geography”.

Reference books:

– The Path of the Heart.

-The Labyrinth Test.

-The Dragontea. Diary of a warrior.

-On Shiva.

-The road to Ithaca.

-Sitting cheerfully in the stern.

-Magic History of the Way of St. James.

-Letter from Jesus to the Pope.

-Gargoris and Habidis.

-The dawn would be.

-The path of the left hand.


-Parallel deaths.

-Response to the Letter of Jesus to the Pope.

Fernando Ruiz de la Puerta.

University professor, astronomer, writer and researcher.

Studious in depth of the rich heterodox Toledan reverse, has dived more than anyone in the fascinating universe of the occult in our city and region.

With more than fifty researches about paranormal phenomena, it is without a doubt, obligatory its presence in this Congress.

Title of your lecture: “The Mystery of the Supernatural”.

Reference books:

-the cave of Hercules and the enchanted palace of Toledo.

-Magic Keys From Castilla Al Mancha.

-Enchanted Spain.

Javier Sierra.

Writer, journalist and researcher. First Spanish writer to enter the Top Ten of the best-selling list in the United States. His books not only have great success inside and outside Spain, the most important thing is his research work that he then knows how to capture in a masterful way in his books where it is sometimes not known, where that fine line between reality and imagination begins and ends.

Going deeper into his latest work, he presents us with man’s ability to break his limits through a journey beyond time and space.

Title of his lecture: “In search of the Soul: from astral travel to bilocation”.

Reference books:

– The Blue Lady.

-The Forbidden Route.

-The Secret Dinner.

-The Egyptian Secret of Napoleon.

-In Search of the Golden Age.

-The Templar Doors.

-Strange Spain, in collaboration with Jesús Callejo.

-Roswell, State Secret.

Sol White Soler.

Writer and researcher. She has seen the impossible, has been dozens of times, protagonist of what escapes reason, but at the same time has tempered her spirits to always make an impeccable field work in the world of Spanish parapsychology. Without her and her group Hepta, the history of inexplicable phenomena in this country would not be the same. We have the pleasure in this occasion, that he reveals us his most shocking personal experiences with the invisible.

Title of your lecture: “My encounters with the Unusual”.

Reference books:

-Is There Anyone Here?: Ghosts, Poltergeist And Enchanted Houses Of Spain And The World.

10 Keywords In Parasicology (written in co-authorship).


Calling directly to 902 405 902

White Leaf Bookstore – Calle Martín Gamero Nº6. – In the old part of Toledo, at the end of Calle del Comercio or Calle Ancha.

For more information about the Congress, lectures, registration forms and accommodation, do not hesitate to visit:

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