What to do in Toledo on the bridge of May

What to do in Toledo on the bridge of May

They claim that Toledo is the second largest monumental city in the world after Rome. And it can’t be visited in a single day. The next bridge in May 2016 (and this year ” Mother’s Day” ), is a very important opportunity to get to know the city of the Tagus by staying for several days and taking advantage of the many activities organized in the city. There is a lot to do and a lot to see. Here are some clues:

Have you come here looking for information for the Puente de Mayo?

Culturel agenda in Toledo for these days:

  • Feria de los Sabores in the Centro Culturel de San Marcos.the Feria de los Sabores will be held in the Centro Culturel San Marcos from April 29 to May 2 and will bring to the city a large representation of gastronomic products of differentiated quality throughout the province.There will be more than 30 exhibitors with food and drink products, including wines, cheeses, sausages, saffron, honey, oils, sweets, craft beers and jam.In addition to the exhibition and sales space, there will be one dedicated to the realization of gastronomic carvings. They will be free and will be developed over the four days. There will be cocktails with olive oil, how to make an artisan cheese or a sweet, wine tasting workshops and pairing with beer. To participate, those interested must register at the fair to complete the capacity of 50 people in each of them..
  • Trip . If you arrive in Toledo by car, this will interest you: ” Parcar gratis en Toledo” .
  • Find a hotel that fits your budget. There’s plenty to choose from, both in the city and in nearby towns. During last Easter, Toledo had almost 100% hotel occupancy. Don’t leave it for the last day. You have all kinds of hotels, hostels, pensions, hostels, apartments, that adapt to all budgets. What we will never recommend is to take the AVE in Madrid, although it takes 20 minutes and return in the evening. You will miss the most important thing about Toledo: its night. Read more in ” Prepare your trip to Toledo” . Visiting Toledo with children? Read this..
  • Where to Eat Cheap in Toledo (for tighter budgets).
  • Visits during the day. Toledo contains hundreds of monuments. Simply strolling through its streets is already a World Heritage Site and an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss the Cathedral (with its Gorda Bell), Army Museum in the Alcázar, Greco Museum, Burial of the Lord of Orgaz (Sto. Tomé), Sephardic Museum… The list is endless, although in these articles we made a selection: ” What to visit in Toledo” and ” 12 monuments you shouldn’t miss on a visit to Toledo” . You can even do a monumental route. Here you have more information. You can also take advantage of the discounts by doing a route at 11 o’clock visiting some monuments (and corners that you would never spend alone) and then at night a very exclusive nocturnal route, visiting a cave (see offers in routes around Toledo) .
  • Evening Visits . One of the great attractions of Toledo, and which totally changes the appearance of the city is its night. You will never experience anything like it in another city. The monuments are illuminated and the narrow streets take us back to other times, as they have practically undergone no modifications. Walking through Toledo’s nightlife is like getting to know another city, in another time. You must bear in mind that most museums and Culturel spaces are closed between 17:30 and 18:30, so the nightlife options in Toledo are scarce: walking, having a drink or a night tour. If you are too tired, go to the hotel..
  • Make a nocturnal route . Enter ” Visitas Guiadas Toledo” and ” discover the Magic Toledo” , legends, myths… For this weekend they offer numerous routes on offer (from 5 € on Monday you have a route) and as always access to unusual spaces such as a special cave in the Toledo subsoil. Visitas Guiadas Toledo give all their customers two digital books: ” Toledo Unusual” , with more than 400 pages to know the ” other” Toledo (ePUB and PDF) and ” Navigating through the Legends of Toledo” , an interesting collection of legends published on this website, among other articles. Don’t be left wanting to know more..
    • Visitas Guiadas Toledo has also programmed these days, in the morning a new route with the ” Tourist Bracelet ” , visiting 7 monuments in a route of two and a half hours, more information: Rutas para el puente de mayo y Día de la Madre 2016.
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