The “Legends Project”, a new competition for schoolchildren in the province of Toledo, is now active.

The "Legends Project", a new competition for schoolchildren in the province of Toledo, is now active.As in previous years, the set of Teacher Centres in the province of Toledo organise an interesting activity to encourage reading for schoolchildren in 6th grade of Primary Education and 1st year of Secondary Education. On this occasion, the activities to be carried out throughout the year are inspired by the Toledo Legends. Now you can also download the complete book. Click on read more.

{mosgoogle}The “Legends Project “is registered in the Program “Live the Adventure of Reading” and constitutes the last experience of the same one. As in previous years (we echoed the Patronio Project in these pages), the project brings together a set of activities whose main objective is the cultural revitalization of the educational communities of the Primary and Secondary Education Centers of the province of Toledo, with special emphasis on the promotion of reading.

In this last edition, the common thread of the project’s activities will be a selection of Toledo legends, which are published under the title “Leyendo Leyendas” (Reading Legends).

Around this anthology and the different historical periods to which the selected legends correspond, will revolve the different activities that will be carried out throughout the course for students enrolled, and belonging to schools and IES of the province of Toledo (6th of EP and 1st of ESO)


Competitions of “other legends”, “plastic arts” or photography will give more amplitude of activities to the complete program.

All the information, as well as the tests to be carried out by the different teams formed by registered students during the period already finished (from October 8 to November 12, 2008) will be published on the project website:

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Even if you don’t participate, we invite you to visit it, because during the next months many contents related to Toledo and its legends will be published.

From these pages, we take this opportunity to give our most sincere congratulations for the work done over the years to all participating teachers and students, as well as to the organizing Teacher Centers and for the magnificent idea of bringing Toledo legends to schools and institutes throughout the province.