Do you want to know who made the 666 piggy figures that appeared in Toledo?

Do you want to know who made the 666 piggy figures that appeared in Toledo?

The morning of Monday 6 August Toledo was occupied by 666 hand-painted plaster piglets. They appeared in doors, windows, on walls, columns… Someone had been distributing the hundreds of pigs in corners of Toledo all Sunday morning… Who has done it and why? We tried to unveil the mystery that intrigues the Toledans and has appeared in the press all over Spain.

The little pigs, about 8 centimeters in size, were scattered throughout the city on Monday morning, August 6, essentially in the old town. Someone, hidden on Sunday night, as happens in many Toledo legends, dedicated his time not only to distribute the figurines, but previously to elaborate 666 pigs in plaster and paint them by hand.

First mystery: why are they decorated as priests and nuns ? The little pigs are hand-painted simulating the clothing of members of the Catholic Church. Could this be a criticism of the religious establishment?

The total number of pigs: 666. Another special feature is that the total number of pigs was numbered to a total of 666. A curious very symbolic number, the mark of the beast, which suggests some relationship with the world of Satanism and the dark arts. Toledo is a city given to this type of mystery, which is so much narrated in the nocturnal guided tours that hundreds of tourists attend daily in Toledo.

Do you want to know who made the 666 piggy figures that appeared in Toledo? Pig 666 Toledo. Source: @irenecruz98

In fact, the last pig, the 666 is a small Devil, in red and with the number clearly visible, as can be seen in the photo. (Source: twitter @irenecruz98)

Who made the piglets and why?

We still don’t know… Although Toledo is a small city, it is difficult to answer this question, as no artist, author or collective has claimed the installation of piglets in the streets of Toledo. Nor is there, at the moment, any information from security cameras, nor has the City Council pronounced on the possibility of authorship or whether any investigation is being carried out in this regard.

It is curious to see how one (or several) people can distribute throughout the city 666 piglets and nobody has seen anything.

There is only room for speculations broadcast by social networks or through the different press media that have echoed the presence of animals in the streets. A possible more or less vindicative artistic installation (like the one made two years ago with the coloured breasts of the French artist Intra Laru), a marketing campaign for some upcoming event (until now nobody has said anything) or simply someone looking for some kind of notoriety.

Since we know that many Toledans read to us, and that it is likely that the author of this work read these lines, we invite the same to contact us and tell us the details of this work that we find very original. We will be delighted to share it with everyone.

Do you want to know who made the 666 piggy figures that appeared in Toledo? Size of piglets found in Toledo

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