Photographs of secret, inaccessible corners in Toledo Cathedral

Photographs of secret, inaccessible corners in Toledo Cathedral

Toledo is a labyrinthine city that hides great treasures behind enormous walls. Many of them are visible to all, in museums, monuments… Others are private, only accessible at certain times or never… Toledospain has shared a large collection of photographs taken in secret, inaccessible corners of Toledo Cathedral.

Every great monument is created as a great stage. What we see is only a part that shows the grandiosity and ingenuity that our ancestors used to create the wonders that Toledo preserves.

Toledo Cathedral is perhaps one of the main monuments created throughout human history.

Thousands of people walk daily through its large naves, among the stone forest created by its columns, while hundreds of statues, wood carvings and works of art have been contemplating us, immobile, for hundreds of years.

But beyond this wealth, which is shown as a great stage created to surprise, also so that we could all contemplate the greatness of God reflected in this immense construction, behind all this, there is a secret cathedral, which has aged for centuries, which is only shown to a few people.

Photographer Toledospain has been obsessed with the Cathedral for years . In 2012, together with the author of this website, we published a book (Hidden and Secret Toledo) that showed some curious photos of inaccessible areas of the Cathedral. We were left with the desire for much more.

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In 2015, thanks to the promotion of a concert in the Cathedral, we had the opportunity to record the Cathedral as never before, putting a drone through its naves, flying very close to unique works of art. See here the result: a drone in Toledo Cathedral.

Last year Fran Fernandez and Toledospain were part of a project to create a video showing the Cathedral to visitors. During several weeks of recording, the team had the opportunity to access corners, places, spaces, which are not usually visited in the Cathedral.

The result of the video can be seen in the Cathedral and here a trailer: Toledo Cathedral “A mystery of light”, the video.

ToledoSpain has shared in an album on Facebook (which has called Curiosities of the Cathedral of Toledo) some of these secret photos taken in the Cathedral of Toledo. You can see the complete album in this link.

We share some of the photographs that are part of that album below, with some comments:

The corridors and passageways of Toledo Cathedral

To get to the places we show you, you need to climb old stairs, walk through dusty passageways or open old wooden doors.

Some of these images, which we love, show us the most hidden Cathedral, the most labyrinthine, the one known only by a few (essentially maintenance personnel). It would take us very little time to get lost in these endless corridors through the highest areas of the Cathedral:


Photographs of secret, inaccessible corners in Toledo Cathedral

Some of these “roads” inside the Cathedral are accessible by tourists (those who go to the tower to see the Big Bell), but the vast majority remain closed.

Church Toledo

Palace Arch. Underneath we pass thousands of times. Inside it’s like this:

Old Toledo Cathedral