The smallest window in the world is in Toledo

The smallest window in the world is in Toledo

Did you know that the smallest window in the world is in Toledo? The Guinness Book of Records testifies to that. Do you want to know where it is located in the Imperial City? We’ll tell you about it in this article.

Toledo, full of history, legends, curiosities and mysteries preserves among its many wonders hundreds of monuments that together make up a city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. In front of the great monuments visited daily by thousands of people like the Cathedral, the Alcazar or San Juan de los Reyes, we can find many curiosities that hide its old streets. We have already spoken in these pages about the narrowest street, or many other curiosities of Toledo... But now we present you the smallest window in the world:

The smallest window in the world is in Toledo

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One of the little-known curiosities is that the smallest window in the world is in Toledo, on Calle Sillería, integrated into the Casón de los López de Toledo, an enormous Toledo mansion and restaurant that has been closed for several years, located in a 16th century building restored in 1973 and which incorporated various newly created decorative elements (which many mistakenly believe to be old) and many others from different places. This is stated in the Guinness Book of Records, which incorporates this curious title for a small opening framed in stone in one of the walls of the house located in this central street in Toledo.

The inscription on the stone of the window

Engraved on the stone is an inscription in Arabic calligraphy. After consulting the Toledo School of Translators to verify the inscription (we had been told that it could mean “thanks to Allah “*, which was usually placed in the entrances to Islamic houses), they indicate that there is a high probability that what is written on the stone is طليطلة i.e. Tulaytula, the Islamic name Toledo received in the past.

A report broadcasted by the regional television of Castilla-La Mancha tells us about the small window:

Here located in GoogleMaps:

On your next visit to Toledo, look for the smallest window in the world (or let them tell you about it on a guided tour of Toledo)

*Thanks Adrián Hadri for the information.