Things you can only do in Toledo

Things you can only do in Toledo

A few days ago I proposed on social networks a small contest for everyone to elaborate this article that we now share. A brief list of “things” that you can only do in Toledo and that will surely interest many who are looking for something to do that is a little different and especially special for Toledo. Here are some of them with the name of the person who has shared it.

Visit the Gorda Bell in Toledo Cathedral. Too typical? Perhaps for the Toledans, who already know it well, but since it was reopened to the public in 2011, the visit to the inside of the Primada’s bell tower is already a curious and different visit in the city…

Things you can only do in Toledo Visit the Big Bell. Things you can only do in Toledo

One thing that you can only do in Toledo and that I see every day is to make a selfie with Cervantes in the Arco de la Sangre, door of the first walled enclosure of Toledo and that surrounded the Alcazar, arch related to some legends of Toledo like that of Agustín Moreto and close to the posada de la sangre (Víctor Sánchez Palacios)

Things you can only do in Toledo Take a picture with Cervantes, in Toledo

Statue of Cervantes. Photo: Daniel Bobadilla on (enlarge)

Lose yourself in its streets by night and by day, and be able to feel the poetry of Bécquer through the streets of the Sheds until you reach the square dedicated to him. (Noelia Pantoja)

Things you can only do in Toledo Mysterious street in Toledo

Reach the Valley, park your car and watch the sunset from the peña del Rey Moro, a luxury for the senses and the soul (Fran Santos)

Climbing the Cerro del Emperador to contemplate a sunset unique in the world and while we are enraptured with that spectacle, see how we are shown another with the lighting of the illumination of its monuments. Probably the best that any human eye can see. (Mike Trimol)

Things you can only do in Toledo

Panoramic view of Toledo by Toledospain (web)

To ring the bell of the Hermitage of the Valley. Not just the day of the Valley. I love it when you go up for a walk some Sunday afternoons and don’t stop listening to it… (Raquel Burgos)

Things you can only do in Toledo

Toledo Valley Hermitage by Toledospain (web)

Stroll “bajo palio” during the Great Week of Corpus Christi(Tabernacle War)

Things you can only do in Toledo Assembly of Corpus awnings 2017

A declaration of love, and a passionate kiss at the top of the external tower of the Puerta del Sol, with views of the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz, the door of La Bisagra, the Church of Santiago del Arrabal, the Hospital de Tavera, the Antequeruela district, the Cobachuelas, the fertile plain of the river Tagus and what was once the Huerta del Rey (Garden of the King). (Marifé Andrés)

Go to the Ronda del Valle when it’s starting to get dark and sit quietly on a bench to see how little by little the city, the monuments, the streets and the river bed are illuminated – it’s magical! (Inma Aguado)

Things you can only do in Toledo Toledo at night.

Panoramic view of Toledo by Toledospain (web)

An opportunity that modern times have given us: take the escalators and reach the top comfortably while admiring the landscape of Toledo outside the walls. They have been made disguised and respecting the architectural environment, and are not in the area most traveled by tourists. (Paloma Martínez)

Something unique to do in toledo: Drink water from a medieval cistern in a botijo in full August sun in the cathedral. What better for the heat of August? (Sergio Recuero) Click here to learn about this Toledo tradition.

Things you can only do in Toledo Botijos in the Cloister of Toledo Cathedral on 15 August

Curiously, nobody remembered something “very typical” in Toledo, that although it happens in many places, in this city it happens almost every day:

Things you can only do in Toledo Van stuck in Toledo

And finally… A nocturnal route through narrow alleys and bordering large monuments. Toledo preserves a legend in every corner, in every corner. Let yourself be seduced by the places where extraordinary events have taken place, sometimes changing the history of Spain. Toledo is a great summary of our History.

And here they tell you: Routes of Toledo.

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