Where to sleep or stay in Toledo? Hotels, hostels, apartments, hostels, pensions...

Where to sleep or stay in Toledo? Hotels, hostels, apartments, hostels, pensions…

In Toledo you have to sleep. You cannot say that you have visited this city without spending the night in it, without living and feeling the Toledan night. Toledo becomes a magical, mysterious, unique city when the sun goes down. Walking through the solitary streets with centuries of history (and that in essence many of them are just as they were built hundreds of years ago) is an experience that is hardly forgotten. We dedicate this article to recommend some accommodation options in the city.

Many people ask us for different channels for a good accommodation in Toledo. It is not a very complicated task, for the facilities that today Internet offers us, there are applications, Webs (like hundredrooms.com) or so many other portals known by all that a simple search with terms like “apartments in Toledo“, “staying in Toledo” or “sleeping in Toledo” show us hundreds of results and offers. Hotels in Toledo.

Toledo has a wide range of hotels as a tourist city. More than 60 hotels and dozens of accommodations such as hostels or tourist apartments, so fashionable lately.

Better areas to stay in Toledo. Hotels in Toledo

Undoubtedly the “old town“, the area inside the Toledo wall is the best area to sleep in the city, since we will be a few minutes from the main monuments and tourist attractions. Toledo is not an extensive city, at least in its old part, being able to cross the most typical places, from one end to the other (for example from Zocodover to San Juan de los Reyes) in about 30 minutes, if we don’t get lost. Hence it is very common to stay in one of the most centrally located hotels (they are usually the most popular, hence you have to book well in advance, especially on bridges and holidays).

One problem often encountered by travellers staying in the old town is the car park. We recommend talking to the hotel as in some cases they have arranged parking or get discounts for leaving the vehicle in a private car park. Travelling through the cobbled streets of Toledo, with your suitcases, going up and down hills is an experience of welcome to the city.

In the outer zone to the wall we will also find many hotels. You will need a vehicle to access the old town or taxis or public transport, as the hotels will be located in various neighborhoods a little away from the town. Some time ago we wrote the article “parking for free in Toledo” that will surely be of help. Some hotels offer trips to the Plaza de Zocodover. In this case, the comfort of these hotels is given by other services, such as easy parking, swimming pool, etc.. Interesting are the hotels located in the area known as Cigarrales, with breathtaking views of Toledo, but which will force you to use transport whenever you want to visit the monumental area of the city.

Toledo also has some nearby towns that have various hotels or rural houses to stay, in many cases at a better price than the hotels in the city. In this case, it will be necessary to travel to Toledo by car.

Why don’t we recommend any particular hotel? Because there are dozens of them, and the quality is quite good in all of them, at least the ones we know from the comments made by people who have stayed there (counting on the fact that we live in Toledo and have not slept in any of them). The choice of one or the other Hotel will depend more on the location, the cost and the needs or tastes of each one.

Where to sleep or stay in Toledo? Hotels, hostels, apartments, hostels, pensions...

Tourist Apartments in Toledo.

A good choice of accommodation, sometimes even cheaper (others not) are the tourist apartments that are having such good acceptance in recent years. Toledo also has a good offer that can be found on very popular websites. In this case what we advise is to consult if the apartment to rent is “legal” and has the appropriate administrative authorization and appropriate permits.

As a recommendation, we advise you to consult various websites (known by all) before booking a hotel or any type of accommodation, read carefully the comments left by others who have already been accommodated and make a “mean” between negative and positive opinions, never letting ourselves be carried away only by the negative, because each person is a world.

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Hostels in Toledo.

Toledo also has several very affordable accommodation options for tighter budgets. San Servando Castle Hostel is a great option to stay several nights, with good prices and a very acceptable quality, being possible to sleep in a castle (quite reformed) with an important history (and legends) behind it. Ask for the T4 room, which has a ghost. The Youth Hostel “Los Pascuales” or the Hostel “Oasis Backpackers’ Toledo” are economic options and in some cases shared to stay in Toledo for a “backpacker” tourism. There are also several pensions in which to get good prices with a very acceptable quality.

Camp sites in Toledo

In Toledo it is not permitted to park caravans anywhere or to camp outside the campsite. Located on the outskirts of the city, on the banks of the river Tagus, the “El Greco” campsite has more than 100 places with all services, including a swimming pool. It is open all year round.

Find a hotel in Toledo

Finding a hotel or tourist apartment can be complicated. It is necessary to do it with time, the places are very limited and in certain holidays, weekend or bridges are thousands of people who spend the night in the city.

I recommend to consult the offers that Booking.com offers in this link, you will find the best prices to sleep in Toledo and discover the most magical city, at night.

There are hotels and lodgings of all kinds: hotels with swimming pool, apartments, economic hostels… But reserve with time.

What to do in Toledo?

And once you are in Toledo, and want to do something different at night, or during the day, visit 7 subways in “Toledo subway”, discover the “magic Toledo”, listen to amazing stories about Templars or let yourself be surprised with stories about ghosts and enchanted houses in “Toledo Siniestro”, which are some of the routes organized by “Toledospain.click Guides”.

Also in our Web you will find many other articles with suggestions to spend a pleasant and useful stay in Toledo. Read on, don’t stop here.

Promotional video from Toledo City Council about Toledo nightlife.