What to do in Toledo on the bridge of May 2017

What to do in Toledo on the bridge of May 2017

Toledo hides many “magical” corners. Get lost in its streets, without fear.


Find a hotel that fits your budget. There’s plenty to choose from, both in the city and in nearby towns. During last Easter, Toledo had almost 100% hotel occupancy. Don’t leave it for the last day. You have all kinds of hotels, hostels, pensions, hostels, apartments, that adapt to all budgets. What we will never recommend is to take the AVE in Madrid, although it takes 20 minutes and return in the evening. You will miss the most important thing about Toledo: its night. Read more in “Prepare your trip to Toledo”. Visiting Toledo with children? Read this.

Eating in Toledo? Last year, 2016, our city has been “Gastronomic Capital of Spain”, and everything put into practice has not gone away. Toledo still has a wide and exceptional range of restaurants to which it is worth spending some time to find the most hidden “jewels”, as in any good visit. Also not long ago we wrote two interesting articles with indications to eat/dinner in Toledo:

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  • You can consult the Cultural Agenda of the Town Hall here.