Valentine's Day plans in Toledo

Valentine’s Day plans in Toledo

It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day 2023 and in this article we propose to give you some ideas to make your partner fall in love, even more so, in Toledo, on February 14. What to do in Toledo for Valentine’s Day?Valentine’s Day in Toledo 2023.

Sometimes it’s not easy to find a good plan to show your partner what you want on Valentine’s Day. In many occasions we fall in the easy thing, in the typical thing (a dinner?) or in some suitable gift for the date, that, not being bad, we always do the same thing to us…

In Toledo there are many opportunities to look good with your partner. A weekend getaway to one of the world’s most historic and wonderful cities like Toledo is a great gift. Book ahead of time, these dates are often very requested… In our pages we give you many ideas to sleep in Toledo.

Book your hotel at a good price with these recommendations (or click here to see offers on hotels):

You can complete the visit with a romantic dinner, consulting this other article: Where to eat or dinner of “legend” in Toledo?

And if your thing is to walk aimlessly through the narrow and labyrinthine streets of Toledo, some time ago we wrote a perfect article for these dates:The 10 most romantic corners of Toledo to visit with your partner.

We will update this article as we discover new plans for these dates:

Night route “Lust in Toledo”

Another way to surprise your partner is with a “different” gift. In addition to visiting Toledo, the next 14, 15 and 16 February at night you will be able to attend a most special show route: “Lust in Toledo” What is this? A guided tour through the streets of Toledo listening to the most roguish narrations and a dance show in a patio in Toledo.

Valentine's Day plans in ToledoLust in Toledo. Special route Valentine’s Day 2023

This show can already be booked, if you are interested, book as soon as possible, always sold out and is a great success of public. Click here to book “Lust in Toledo”.

Only for those over 18 years of age.

Activities of the Town Hall

  • 16 February at 22:30 hours, verbena in the Plaza de Zocodover with the Malibu Orchestra.
  • 17 February at 19:00 hours, free concert in the Sala Thaía (Polygon) of “Candela and Son

A Guided Tour or Dramatized Night Route

If you are looking for a night route or a more typical guided tour for Valentine’s Day in Toledo 2023, you can also do the ones offered on those days in “Toledo Spain“.

Famous routes such as “Toledo Mágico”, “Toledo subterranean”, “” Toledo Siniestro” or even a “Free Tour” can be good options to complete a romantic stay in Toledo. Click here to know the calendar of guided tours and night routes in Toledo.

Valentine's Day plans in ToledoShed of the Bitter Well in a nocturnal route with Routes of Toledo

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