Where to eat or dine on "legend" in Toledo? (Updated)

Where to eat or dine on “legend” in Toledo? (Updated)

Looking for a restaurant in Toledo with which to surprise your partner on that special occasion? A place where you can taste different, unique, well prepared dishes with quality products? From where you can admire incredible views of Toledo?

Read on and discover some of the city’s most famous restaurants. Second article devoted to “Toledo, gastronomic capital of Spain 2016”. Updated February 2023. The best restaurants in Toledo.

Three years ago, on the occasion of the gastronomic capital of Toledo 2016, published “Restaurantes económicos en los que comer en Toledo”.

It was the beginning of a series of articles dedicated to gastronomy in our city. I have to say that although I sensed it, I did not suspect the enormous interest that the article has originated. Thousands of visits in a few days and thousands of impacts on social networks.

Once again I have looked for help on social networks (such as Facebook) in order not to have a too biased vision and let myself be guided by my tastes or hobbies and really recommend what Toledans do when they look for a restaurant for a special occasion, to pay a good tribute or to celebrate an event in a different way.

I thought for this article in restaurants with a certain fame and reputation, and although in the previous article there are many of the city in which to eat at a good price (and not exactly this implies eating badly or fast), this time I was looking for those in which a lunch or dinner is not only a pleasant experience, but also that the cost is not so economic.

Where to eat or dine on "legend" in Toledo? (Updated)Restaurant Iván Cerdeño Toledo

The only Michelin star in the city. Recently moved to a wonderful location as is the Cigarral del Angel on the outskirts of Toledo, next to the Tagus. It stands out in its trajectory for the quality of its dishes and originality (National Hospitality Award 2018), in addition to a good number of well-known visitors. The comments in Tripadvisor are exceptional (not yet available for this new location), as well as the design of its dishes. Directed by Iván Cerdeño, it is undoubtedly one of the spearheads of Toledo’s most modern gastronomy.


  • Address: Ctra. de la Puebla de Montalbán, S/N.
  • Official Website | Instagram | Phone: 925223674.
  • Address: Calle Hombre de Palo, 7 (Toledo).
  • Official Website | Tripadvisor | @AdolfoToledo.
  • Address: Carretera de Circunvalación s/n. (El Valle, next to the Hermitage you can find there).
  • Address: Calle de Descalzos, 5 (Toledo)
  • Address: Calle Tendillas, 3..
  • Address: Callejón del Lucio, 3..
  • Address: Calle Reino Unido, 2.
  • Facebook | Tripadvisor.

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Where to eat or dine on "legend" in Toledo? (Updated)